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Difficult Vienna based electronic music artist FLORIAN HECKER has now given to us a very strange series of black hole-like recordings which you may never return from if you press play and cross their event horizon. Not knowing what these recordings were, you would not be blamed for thinking that they were broadcasts from some cosmic Numbers station, some butchered and fried transmission found, never having gotten to where it was going. What betrays this notion however are the moments during which the pieces become briefly musical, revealing momentarily the the shape of the hand at the lever. This new work CHIMERIZATION out now on the always incredible EDITIONS MEGO has as it’s foundation in a commissioned work by Iranian author and philosopher Reza Negarestani called “The Snake, the Goat and the Ladder (A board game for playing chimera)”. Clearly the piece was not left alone. Rather it was recited by 9 different people in three different languages (English, German, and Farsi) and in a very cool local twist it was recorded at MIT’s anechoic chambers, studio rooms designed to limit the echo of or interference with the voices themselves. After that Hecker went to work, in a manner not unlike say how a serial killer who just happened to be a doctor would go to work on a human body. That’s grim, and this is not necessarily grim, but it is certainly a heavily twisted listen. Well worth it for you more adventurous types I assure you. Especially when those musical bits appear out of the garbled fog. The stream below is only an excerpt, but you can stream and listen to all 33 minutes of CHIMERIZATION HERE in each of its 3 language variations. Climb on in. Wear your headphones.

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