2015 Year Enders

2015 Best List from Dave Gross


Dave Gross is an experimental musician, improviser, composer, and general deep sound explorer based in the Boston area. Check him out in fantastic groups such as Grizzler, The Epicureans, Moshi Moshi I am The Decider, and doing all kinds of things solo-like. – DS

gretta is 3 years old (she is amazing)

polly teaching at bc (she is amazing)

tour with sarah hennies and morgan evans-weiler

‘the trip’ and ‘regards to the man in the moon’ by ezra jack keats

‘music of tanzania’ (sublime frequencies)

musique concrete

suffragettes (movie)

bernie sanders

rip: weirdo records / ornette coleman

list from sam of best dead bar tenders:

Red from O’Malley’s in Allston. He had a cat (O’Malley) who’s box was behind the bar. Every other drink was free. Not much of a talker unless you talked about something he was interested in. Kept things in the bar under control even though I’m pretty sure only the most hardcore drinkers went in there. RIP


Reggie Wong owned Weggie’s in the Leather District. Talked about how the slightly raised floor square was a disco floor and showed me how it lit up. Said it was filled all the time in the 70s. Also said it was called Weggies cause the guy called the place to make the sign and the guy on the other end didn’t understand his accent.


Jack from Coleman’s lived in Charlestown. Would let you sit in there until 3 if you wanted. No one fucked with guy even though he was in his late 70s. One time a guy got hit over the head with a retractable baton and greg asked where the guy went and Jack said “HE’S ON THE PHONE CRYING TO HIS MAMA”. Great guy.

Effie from the Model was a cocktail waitress in her 80s. Once there was a almost a fight between some big guys and she went in between the guys and yelled “CUT IT OUT” and they did. Told me my first time drinking there that Whiskey Sours will upset my stomach and I should switch to plain Whiskey. She was happy when they made the new 20s so she could see the denomination.



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