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Year Ender: Joe Mygan


There was so much that happened in 2015. Looking back it all kind of washes together into some kind of life-stew. My recollections morph into a territory similar to tangible feeling rather than specific memories. I am grateful to be able to experience so much creativity all around me. I think that there was so much amazing music happening in 2015 that it was hard to narrow everything down into a list. I compiled some of my favorite releases of 2015; there is no hierarchy, it is just some albums that I enjoyed listening to. I divided the list into vinyl albums and cassette tapes, and included a link to where these sounds can be found. Definitely explore these artists and the labels that are releasing their work, so much good music out in the world. I have definitely forgotten so much and I am making attempts to remember more in 2016.


WSR – Stainless (Contort)



Via App – 7 Headed (1080p)


Laurel Halo – In Situ (Honest Jons)


Fyoelk – Klaus (Rush Hour)


Holly Herndon – Platform (RVNG Intl.)


Chris Weisman – The Holy Life That’s Coming (NNA Tapes)


PHORK – Disappear in Raveland (Time No Place)


NHK yx Koyxen feat. XiX – Hallucinogenic Doom Steppy Verbs (Diagonal)


Earthly – Days (Noumenal Loom)


Cienfuegos – A Los Mártires (Unknown Precept)


Wilted Woman – Bio Inspo (MORE Records)


Foodman – Hot Rice (Patient Sounds)


Ceremonial Abyss – Ceremonial Abyss (Cuss Fetish)


L Lewis – OX (Primitive Languages)


Xerome – Xerome (MORE Records)


MSHR – Resonant Hyper Scrape Modulator (MSHRmedia)

MSHR ~ Resonant Hyper Scape Modulator – Scape 1 from MSHR on Vimeo.


Form a Log – At a Festival (self released)


Solid State Entity – Dis_locate (Grovl)


Boliden – Meta (Chemical Tapes)


Unguent – Otiose Pos (birdFriend)


Glochids – Venutian Formula (Phinery)


Bastian Void – No Dreams (SicSic)

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