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Trash Night Video has a long history of BYOB movie shenanigans in the Boston area. Now, they’re moving from their home at the Somerville Theatre to the Brattle for the first time. Described as “this thing you can come be drunk at while you eyeballs get confused,” Trash Night is the perfect way to have a wild time. Of course, now that they’re not screening in a basement, there are some new rules (no more BYOB – the Brattle has hella beer & wine though), but be assured this won’t be a tame affair.

Trash Night is a monthly screening of a movie so bad it’s good (a niche that has proven to be required viewing for all) interspersed with original clips and Youtube gems to keep your attention. What’s more is that viewers are EXPECTED to come be rowdy and vocal about it!

For their inaugural Brattle screening, Trash Night presents A.J. Prowse’s DRIVING FORCE – a bleak post-apocalyptic where gangs riding around in tow trucks terrorize the land. Featuring the impeccable talents of Sam Jones (FLASH GORDON), Catherine Bach (the original Daisy Duke from THE DUKES OF HAZZARD), and Patrick Swayze’s brother Don. There’s not much I can say about this movie and I don’t think I have to – it’s got a single dad, guns, and shitty trucks.

@BRATTLE – $7 Admission
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