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10 Most Memorable Moments in Art in 2013 from Lucy Watsons POV


Lucy Lucy Lucy

is an artist/art model/curator based in Boston, MA.
you might know her as Kid Romance
or seen her play with Illusion of Porpoise


1. Performers Only 2013 at Bathaus – Flaming Dragons of the Middle Earth singing “Give peace a chaaaaance” while Tess Jenkins, Nick Williams, Muffy Brandt, Travis Fuller, Creighton Baxter, Nabeela Vega, Mary Collins all tromping around in a web of yarn reminiscent of Gay Gardens and LSDV reprocessed the night through whatever video distortion machines they had going on.


2. Momentum event at Anthony Greaney, 450 Harrison Ave curated by BLAA. Madge of Honor inside a white box at Samson shaking their tits in tassels sticking out of a hole in the box. A box in a box while Maria Molteni performed below under a black light with Bathaus, “It Might Get Better”, Faith Jonhson doing things outside, Nicole Pride looking like that, Sarah Hill.


3. Nabeela Vega spitting gold liquid into my mouth telling me it had drugs in it when it didn’t at Communion V at Bathaus

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 3.57.52 PM


4. Re: Present Me at Anthony Greaney Gallery was the last event at this space.

We all loved that place so!


5. Near Death curated by Vela Phelan at CYCLORAMA. Marilyn Arsem, Travis McCoy Fuller, Jamie McMurry, Vest and Paige, Faith Johnson. Marilyn Arsem pushing both glasses of water off the table and watching them shatter to the ground. Marilyn’s husband Bob Raymond is passed and this action referred in part to him


skull by Raul Gonzalez


6. Cheap Seats with Andrea Pensado and Angela Sawyer. That collaboration was fantastic. They became children. Talking on telephones. Screeching. Five minutes.


7. Cassandra Long’s days of sensory deprivation and it culminating in Mali Sastri’s ORG Censorship at Oberon. Cassandra Long deprived herself each day of a different sense. She wore a blindfold and listened to white noise and kept her mouth shut and then she talked about it a little. It was beautiful.



8. Paper to Pixels at Infrared5. Gretjen Helene’s egg silhouette kissing you on the mouth when it once was you.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.47.01 PM


9.Medicine Wheel at Cyclorama. for world Aids day. Beautiful relics and amazing conversations. There were people dressed as priests who may have been lovers and may or may not have been priests. Open prayer in the arts. Power.



10. Show at Deep Thoughts Goat of Arms, Rotten Apples and Cave Bears show with Ahna Anomaly. There was dark spiritually violent action between members of Cave Bears that night and period blood got spread all over the walls.


On to 2014.

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