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10 Live Videos That I Took, and That I Then Forgot Existed (2013 edition) by Dan Shea


Dan Shea is the co-director of the BOSTON HASSLE arts organization which runs the Boston Hassle website, publishes the Boston Compass newspaper, and organizes 100+ shows/fests each years as Boston Hassle shows. Dan has organized shows and been a proponent of all ages events in the Boston area for a long time. He also plays in the bands NEEDY VISIONS and AYKROYD, and will be releasing a solo tape on ANONYMOUS DOG in the near future. He and his wife are expecting their first child in march! Ask him about the venue he is opening.

These are 10 live videos/ show documents/ WENT THERES that for whatever reason I failed to upload from my phone in a timely fashion. As you can see, some of them were on my phone for a while. I came upon them all while cleaning out my phone last week. I then finally added them to the world’s litterbox, Youtube. And now this. Jeez. – Dan (12/13)

NYC’s KILLER BOB @ Whitehaus on 6/21/12. Jamaica Plain basement good times. Music school experimental rock & post-punk sounds. The drummer was awesome I recall.

Portland, OR’s PETE SWANSON @ Lilypad on 6/23/12. Inman Sq. noise addled electronic beat music. I love the Lilypad. I went to this one with Will & Zoard. Indian food prior. Face was blasted off by this former YELLOW SWAN.

NJ’s HOME BLITZ @ PA’s LOUNGE on 8/4/12. I went to PA’s LOUNGE because I love this band. What is this band? A somewhat experimental take on garage rock I guess, and I love it. Daniel DiMaggio writes great songs, and Jason Sigal is an awesome dude. I don’t know the others. Christine was @ this show, so maybe WHITE PAGES played also. Or not. I also met the Fenway Park organist at this show. For some reason I imagined him/her as quite old. He wasn’t, and we have not kept in touch.

Boston’s FUNERAL CONE @ Roggie’s (basement) on 8/15/13. Actually from this year!!! BOSTON HASSLE put on this show for Halifax’s CROSSS. As we waited for them, those devilish wild people in FUNERAL CONE crept into the ladies room and punched us all in the stomach, until Roggies employees pulled the plug. But here’s a quick vid taken before that happened.

Boston’s FREE PIZZA @ Lilypad in Cambridge (not sure from when though). Jesus is such a great singer, and songwriter. Coupled with the wonder of Santiago and his endless list of talents, you know this has to be great. And it is. FREE PIZZA might be my favorite pop group in all of the Boston area. Someone tell me when this video is from. Thanks!!!!

Not a live video of a performer, I know. But I recorded this for some later use, which hasn’t come yet, so I’m including it here for now. I believe this is between Cleveland and Chicago, dead of night, from AYKROYD’s tour in august. I was driving and recording. Dangerous.

Boston’s ARVID NOE @ Problem House (or Butcher Shoppe. can anyone tell me? not sure from when?). How fantastic was this band?? Everytime I ever saw them they were awesome, including here in this video. Now gone three separate ways, two amazing abnds lie in their wake: (NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS & LAIR. Keep tabs on all involved, amazing people and music makers.

NYC’s EXTREME ANIMALS @ Lilypad in Cambridge on 11/2/13 for November Hassle Night. A favorite band of mine for as long as I can recall. These guys predate the current techno and noise crossover by many years, although that is only one part of their increasingly diverse and strange sound over the last bunch of years. Hip hop, metal. Video accompaniment of course. My recording storage reached its limit where it cuts off. Otherwise I surely would not have stopped recording where this cuts off. Whole enough to include.

RAW MEET 10: Boston’s HOMEWORLD @ SBC in ALLSTON (Boston) on 4/27/13. Inspiring underground music organizer and performer Will Mayo hit his stride hard this year with his underground electronic beat music project HOMEWORLD. Continued success awaits this man. What a weekend this was! Thanks Mark!

Chicago’s PAPER MICE @ WWTAWWTAU in Allston (Boston) on 6/25/12. Chicago post-punk band that I had never heard before blew me away @ the old WWTAWWTAU. Killer band and tight as could possibly be imagined. They blasted us while we did the weird dance and all was good.

Sorry about the videos that turn on their side halfway through. Tell me if you know how to rectify.

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