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10 Jewels For Astral Digestion In 2017


Father Alexander is not weird. Father Alexander is not dead. He was excommunicated for being honest. He is now a master dishwasher. The Slop King. Father Alexander talks to himself a lot. He likes to think he is answering the questions of people in the past, psychically, altering the present and the future. It’s why they ask the same questions and things are the way they are. Father Alexander writes to make himself smile.

[Musical Offerings.]

10 – “Action Brings Good Fortune”:

This is borrowed from the song “Chapter 24” by Pink Floyd. It is a simple idea, really. It may be knitted in with a lyric from another English band, The Pink Fairies: “Don’t think about it, if you ain’t gonna do it. Just do it. Don’t talk about it. Do it.” Simple. Don’t waste your energy and the energy of the people around you with empty gestures. As “they” say, “Talk is cheap”.

This idea has an unfortunate contrast with the ideas of the band Mondo Vanilli. Simply put, reality often fails to live up to our expectations. The idea is pure. When you act on the idea, and try to make it real, you will almost always fail; especially when one relies on reality and empty gestures to carry through on desires. It doesn’t work like that. You must create your own expectations and concepts of success and then follow through with each step. If you do this and are honest with yourself it is impossible to fail. “We are made of it and if we give submission. Among our chances there’s a chance we can choose. And if uncertainty won’t give us that permission. Then it’s impossible to lose.

9 – It is better to be a servant of the angel mind than the god of a demon mind:

Often times people will be awful, social-climbing, purveyors of artifice and strife. As I mentioned above, if you have high expectations of other people you will most likely die of a broken heart. But, don’t let this corrode your heart and mind into a state of hatred. I prefer to say to myself, “Forgive them, they know not what they do.

Let us say you do hate someone because this someone is a pompous ass, and SMUG. What good does hating them do when your hatred just reinforces their smugness? Nothing, that is what. But it makes does you miserable. I’ve stated it many times, paranoia and the messianic complex are interchangeable and inseparable. There is never one without the other. You aren’t a misunderstood ubermensch with a heart full of hatred. Play nice. Don’t let it get to you.

8 – A note on structure:

Perhaps you have listened to an album, watched a movie, or read a Father Alexander post, that starts off great but slowly loses steam and before long you are forced to sit through something that makes you question everything about how the entertainment industry operates; “There is a great conspiracy to destroy enthusiasm”. Everything is structured. Even “avant-garde” noise. As Hunter S. Thompson stated, “Everything flows according to the great magnet”.

It is best to consider the completed object before you begin creating it. What kind of effect will it have on the observer? Musicians often think of individual songs, “hits” and directors will put all of their money into a single scene with multiple explosions and decapitations. It’s not worth it. You are sculpting consciousness. It’s like having sex and going full throttle for 11 seconds and leaving yourself embarrassed because you’re asphyxiating; dying in front of someone you were just trying to impress. Who cares? Divide the time scale and place the best evenly. Use what spins the best into different territories. People expect things. It is our paranoiac reptilian hybrid nature. Fuck with their expectations. “They” will appreciate it.

7 – Copped from Frank Zappa; “Don’t stop. Keep going.”:

If you have ever played in a musical ensemble you know that when someone makes a mistake they will often stop playing. Not only does the mistake stand out as a mistake, but it stands out because a part of the engine stops working. It’s a strange thing. As if the musician wishes to start the piece over again because they made one mistake. My guitar instructor, when I was 10, told me that people only remember the beginning of a piece and the end. So if you are going to make a mistake, make it somewhere in the middle. It was a terrible thing to say and I have disregarded it. Yet, I’ve found this is almost entirely true. But, you have to get to the end.

You need to follow through, in spite of any mistakes that are made. Readjust and come back stronger. Very simple, really. But, it is incredibly important to recognize the most devoted are often the most brainwashed. Artistic extremism betrays intent and this is against the magician’s code of secrecy. Consider omerta. This carries over into other areas of life. Remember, you aren’t an ubermensch with a heart full of bitterness. Who wants to be an ubermensch anyway. Be yourself. You couldn’t handle the responsibility of being god. You might feel the weight already, though. What is another pound going to do? “It’s hard to run with the weight of gold. On the other hand, I’ve heard it said it’s just as hard with the weight of lead.

It’s easier to destroy than unify.

6 – Disregard the Great Other:

This is perhaps the most important thing to take into account. There is no great, conscious, all-knowing, all-devouring void that seeks to destroy you and everything you love. Sure, there is a vast right wing conspiracy and it gets stronger everyday. But there are also colleges filled with rabid, foaming on the inside, professors. The point is every side wants to be right and every one is willing – evidently – to put ethics aside to ensure success. Nice guys and gals finish last. In “THEIR” race. In the Great Other’s race. Who cares?

Work as a dishwasher. It’s not glamorous and you will barely scrape by as a human being but you will be damned if someone tries to demean you because of your “lowly” social position. The sad thing is they think it matters. The same way people look down on strippers. Or anyone doing anything. Stop judging. If you need to compare yourself to Other’s like that you will have problems. Our society is based on making these kinds of comparisons. We create the Great Other because we are pathetic creatures. Remember, the ubermensch doesn’t care about making other people jealous. This isn’t about gloating. Likewise, the ubermensch doesn’t have a heart full of hatred, or jealousy.

5 Reconsider impossibilities:

I wrote this a few hours ago and I’m not going to edit it out. Refer to Sun Ra and leave me alone. HA! It should be obvious. She still doesn’t want to talk to you.

4 Work is prayer:

A common theme in films I watched as a child were the proletariat youth rising up against the bourgeoisie. The result of this is a lot of people walking around that really buy into communism. Or something. I don’t know. I’m an idiot. We live in a post industrial world. A world where reality is augmented more and more by technology. A technocratic world where human potential really doesn’t matter anymore. There are so many ideas, so many people, “individuals”, and DROSS that nothing really matters anymore. We, as a species, are just waiting to die. The myriad retrospectives ensure us the best days are behind us. As long as David Crosby lives, society can never move forward.

Anyway, work is prayer. Most people want to get the perks of a job, to steal from “the Man” and express themselves in equally sociopathic, anti-social, ways. In other words, it seems the world is comprised of spineless children. Oh well. It’s all a joke anyway and human life doesn’t matter. I need to stop descending into this. It’s very, very, bad for my mental health. Work is structure, especially when it is in the service of others. Working for yourself, for your own gain, is fine. If you can manage that, kudos. Most people can’t nor do they want to. Instead they will work for a faceless corporation, toeing the line, and steal as much as they can. There is no pride. No honor. The sad thing is, we live in a world where people are essentially forced into lifestyles they resent. The result is a general malaise that hangs like a pregnant cloud of shit over everything.

3 Don’t be ruled by your passions:

It seems Krishna’s advice to Arjuna applies to the world today more than any other time. The issue of modern politics isn’t extremism. Left nor right. It is lies. Whole communities have sprouted up that are founded by people that seek to discredit movements. Often, these communities will be radicalized which, ultimately, ensures their destruction. It is a clever ploy and always works. Like I said, people are spineless children that want to basically talk shit to their parent’s face but they are cowards. So they will project their insecurities onto the Great Other. “Sinners are fair game”.

We have already determined that the Great Other is a delusion. Your passions are all about selfishness; fulfilling your desires. Crowley states quite simply that there is only one will, and that is the will to Love. If we allow ourselves to be manipulated into anger, as beings, we fail and we don’t deserve life. Life is not fair. The measure of a being is it’s ability to cope with not getting it’s way. The key is to refine one’s personality to such an extent that it is impossible to NOT get your way. This involves not being ruled by your passions and delusions. It involves understanding the win/lose consciousness is a trap and, as my friend Brother H. wrote, “Be wary of expectation lest the God of Expectation smites you down.”

2 Art is the living dream. We are the lucid dreamers:

Our dreams are the only sure port of entry into the world of spirit. Dreams are also intensely personal. Through the interpretation of our dreams we can gain access to our hidden heart. But, as we all know, dreams are fleeting. It would seem interpretation is a race against the clock. This is why art is so important. It is a means of translating the vision & experiences of the Soul into the world, where it may be shared. It’s worth noting the more time spent documenting dream life, the richer the dream world becomes. There are secret, dormant, parts of the brain that activate when you make it known you are aware of their existence.

The brain is capable of producing experiences, independent of any external stimulus, that are so profoundly alien they are impossible to describe. And yet, we still feel this compulsion to try sensing that if we were able to relate these experiences nothing would ever be the same. The strange thing is some people just don’t care. One should assume no one cares about your discoveries. Don’t let this discourage you. Seriously. There are few states more pitiful than that of the misunderstood ubermensch. Individuals that express R6 symbols – messianic intentions – mark themselves for ridicule. It implies a sense of superiority. “Visionaries” are generally humorless, as well. Embed your discoveries for the curious to find. It is better this way. Because they will find it.

1 Research Mel Lyman:

It’s all a big joke until someone gets hurt. And then it is real. Never take another person’s feelings for granted. I’ve seen Richard Kulkinski cry because he hurt his family. Never take another person’s feelings for granted; few are capable of enduring the experience of psychic collapse. People will often make themselves obnoxious to prove your love or allegiance to them. And they will hurt you to express their pain. To translate, or transfer, that pain to you. Not only will those in a state of psychic collapse destroy themselves, they will often destroy their environment. The best defense is to be proactive and appreciative of the feelings of others from the beginning. Otherwise you summon a force that is cosmic in scope and utterly terrible.

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