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Your Boston New Years Eve Underground Events Guide 2017

From Queer Dance Parties in JP to the annals of Charlie's Kitchen, LET'S GO!


It is the New Year in Boston party people! Don’t feel like standing in City Hall Plaza in -10 degree weather with the yuppies? Take a gander at this list below & cozy up to a rad show of your choosing because we’re ringing in the New Year Underground style with some of the most rockin’ events around town. When you get back to work & people ask you what you did for the New Year, you can tell something & not have to lie about it! Not included here are some other great events going down around town that we thought it best not to overly publicize (that American Whip Appeal show, that Container show, that Brandi Blaze/Dinersss show, etc.), but if that is what you desire then I’m sure you can work it out via the ‘netter. Dig deeply, party hard, and stay warm. Happy new year from the Hassle.

2017 was GROSS. It’s time for 2018 (and more grossness).
The Hassle got some tips for you on this NYE in Boston!!!!!!





Get some art into your life @ one of Boston’s destinations for wild and thought provoking art: THE DISTILLERY GALLERY in South Boston. A massive collection of artists are showing @ this third PRACTICE art event, connected by the theme: AN ASSERTION OF SYMPATHETIC MAGIC. Featuring artists from Boston, New York and Los Angeles, PRACTICE aims to reanimate the customs behind sympathetic magic by asking artists to inject a meaning, memory, or purpose into a physical object to reflect the ritualist power of correspondence, imitation, and heredity.


above piece by Sam Mackenzie for PRACTICE


A warm-up celebration, a day show before the night of dance & hopefully not too many regrets. From the secret venue ‘The Planet’ comes Dump Him with their washed out guitars and their in your face queerness. They want to rock you so hard you forget 2017 even existed, I think we could all use that right?


Nothing says the New Year like Rebuilder at Charlie’s Kitchen Cambridge. As they have carved out a space for themselves in the upstairs of this Harvard Square staple, this New Years Party may be the finest yet to get a glimpse of the band post their 2017 release ‘Sounds from the Massachusetts Turnpike’ as well as the quite infamous bassist Sal Medrano who has his instagram based ‘Salfie’ series which, you may just want to find out for yourself what’s going on there. @salellington


The Lovely Folks over at the Allston Pudding invite you to bring your most inner self & spend it with Speedy Ortiz, Wendy Eisenberg, Ted Leo & Sammus for an Allston New Year you won’t forget too soon. With DJ’s Maura Johnston & Michael Marotta, this show is a fun-loving feel good party that will propel you into 2018 with so much good-will & intentions you’ll be well on the path to self-actualization.


Feeling power-pop this new year? Well you’re reading the right NYE guide! Salem Wolves are ushering in the New Year with tunes so badass you’ll end up in leather by the end of the night whether you like it or not? Vegan? Bring your moderately studded clothing & head to The Automatic  in Cambridge to celebrate the new year in true underground fashion. DJ Johnny Stevens gonna hold down that party.


Could there be more entertaining bands to spend your NYE with than Mint Green & Boston Cream? Beyond their rather specific food related names both bands are rad partiers & will play their groovy dance music with DJ Rycon & DJ Ryu into the wee hours of the morning at Hojoko in Boston. If you’re in City Hall Plaza waiting to ring in the New Year, what is wrong with you? Walk through the city to get to a real shin-dig & do it right!


Nothing says NYE in Boston’s Underground quite like a queer dance party in JP… could it be anywhere else? Bella Luna Restaurant and the Milky Way Lounge (with DJ’s Stella & Brent Covington) are non-heterosexually rocking in 2018 while resisting the status quo with gyrations and pelvic thrusts up & down the dancehall. If you’re queer or maybe just a little curious, then head to JP to drop 2017 like its hot.


It’s that time of year again! The brand new year has dawned upon us and it’s time to get down! Come thru and kick and let’s ring in the new year in a HipStoric way.Tickets are pay what you can! RSVP only, we need to make sure we have enough space for everyon!

The HipStory House Party [HSHP] is an extension of our mission statement which highlights our belief in the redefining of the future-history of Hip-Hop. HSHP aims to bring back the live performance element of Hip-Hop, which gave birth to it’s distinct value of lyricism and showmanship in ciphers in the 80s. The Artist we invite to be a part of HSHP, may not be a rapper or beat maker, but we believe that Hip-Hop is one of the most diverse genres of music, and it would not be what it is, if not for its many diverse and unique influences.

*If you cannot afford a donation and free tickets are sold out please email [email protected]!*

RSVP to our FB page to stay up to date with artist and other special announcements

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