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Year Ender: Morgan Evans-Weiler


Morgan Evans-Weiler is a prolific performer, composer, and event organizer located in the Boston area. He releases tapes on his Individual Lines label and performs in the large Boston ensemble Deleuzer, among other groups.

Favorite discoveries, happenings, concerts, records etc… of 2015:

Dr. Thomas Stanley
He wrote a book titled The Execution of Sun Ra. When I saw him perform he spouted very insightful brilliance about human consciousness and the end of the world. Everybody should read his book.

Vic Rawlings
His performance at Bach To The Future Fest in Providence was a highlight. Nobody plays like Vic.

Jake Meginsky
His new LP Vandals is fantastic as was his performance at the Non-Event fundraiser.

Alain Badiou and Quentin Meillasoux
My understanding of these philosophers is still just scratching the surface, but I look forward to more in 2016. Badiou’s use of set theory and concepts of infinity have been especially insightful.

Anne Jaques
I saw her perform twice in 2015. She uses motors and contact mics in a way I had never seen. Really great music.

Food Court
This LP on KYE came out the end of last year, but whatever. Two interpretations of Solage’s “fumeux fume par fumme”. A very odd but awesome record.

Saw them at Brighton Music Hall in September. Super tight. Great show.

American Visionary Art Museum
I had never been to this Baltimore museum before. Stopped in while on tour in October. The best collection of art period. Period.

The End of the World
We are one year closer. Trust me, its a good thing. Ask Dr. Thomas Stanley, he’ll tell you the same thing.

Shout out to Star Wars – hope it isn’t terrible…

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