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Year Ender: 2020 Releases to Get Active To


2020 brought its fair share of suffering, but also some unexpected free time. Many of us have replaced the time we would have spent gaming or hitting the watering hole with nature walks and getting RIPPED. Here are some 2020 releases to get active to.

Take Offense – Cause & Effect

When I think of getting ripped, one of the first things that comes to mind is metal… thrash metal. Growing up, I would never have been caught doing reps to Anthrax in my basement. Since quarantining last spring, I’ve been making up for that mistake.

Chula Vista’s metallic hardcore heavy artillery Take Offense provides the perfect soundtrack to getting some guns. Like many of their contemporaries, Take Offense incorporates elements of 80’s and 90’s thrash with shallow stabs of New York hardcore on Cause & Effect.

Supercrush – SODO Pop

Whether you’re a commuting road cyclist, marathon trainer, or putting those trainers on for the first time, Supercrush’s SODO Pop is cardio fuel that comes from the heart. Inspired by power pop greats like Alex Chilton and Teenage Fanclub, Seattle’s Supercrush churns out songs about life’s ups and downs that pack a technicolor punch.

SODO Pop’s bubbly production and diverse instrumentation will spread out your workout like butter, giving you moments of catharsis and catchy singalongs (if you have the breath for them). This album will have you sprinting to the finish. Take my word with some caution! I went so hard listening to this album, I crashed my bike (See picture below. TW: blood.)

Bad Bunny – YHLQMDLG

Are you working out for fitness or for looks? Bad Bunny wouldn’t mind either way, as long as you use that body to dance. Puerto Rico’s latest pop sensation has taken the world by storm with three albums this year. His first release of the three, YHLQMDLG, shows Bunny’s range from hard hitting trap bops to generation defining reggaeton hits. The album’s rhythmic nature makes it a perfect soundtrack for boxing, spin, or dance sessions.

Heavy Discipline – Heavy Discipline

Moshing is a workout, right? Nothing quite like some U.S. hardcore to boil up an insurmountable sweat. Pittsburgh’s Heavy Discipline’s self-titled LP spits high octane hardcore harking back to the early days of the genre. With a shortage of live shows due to the pandemic, there is no better time than the present to practice some pit moves to Heavy Discipline.

Donny Benét – Mr Experience

For those who had to cancel their gym membership and resort to the ubiquitous COVID workout video, Australian Donny Benét’s kitschy synths are just for you. Tae Bo, p90x, Richard Simmons, and Mr. Experience himself are among the ivory exemplars of the new pantheon of pandemic fitness.

Mr Experience is a blast to the age of infomercials, drive ins, and the pornstache. Muzak adorned with gated reverb, vintage synthesizers, and an undeniably romantic sensibility span this sultry new collection of sensual tunes. Donny Benét’s ironic crooning is the perfect warm down from a strenuous training session. When it’s time to hit the showers, why not bump some sultry Mr Experience?

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