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This Is America Photography shares their best shots from street demonstrations in 2020


The Boston Hassle is very lucky to be able to display a curated selection of black & white photographs depicting scenes from the political action we witnessed this past year. The stark lack of color in each shot is reminiscent of textbook photographs of the Civil Rights and Anti-Vietnam War Movements of decades past. We are reminded of how little time has actually passed since the social uprisings of our forebears, and we are compelled to understand that we are living in historic times–and that our fight is far from over.


“Thank you again for giving [us] the opportunity to share our story and how we captured it this past year. More people seeing the true power of the people means this can be translated into art, inspiration, and motivation; inspiring people to make policy change, to save lives while improving themselves and the community is something we’ve always been passionate about. These obviously only covered a sliver of this year’s reality, I hope you appreciate and enjoy these.” -This Is America Photography in an email to Sophie Lou Yarin, Boston Hassle EIC


Against The Grain/Quincy Trump Rally


Can You Hear The People Yet?/Quincy Trump Rally


Can You Hear Us/Boston SHFA Rally


Do You Hear The People Sing, It’s The Song Of Angry Men/Boston MAAPB March


Do You Hear Us Now/Boston Women’s March


Respect, It’s A Virtue/Quincy Trump Rally


Fill The Streets/Boston MAAPB March


Fill The Streets For Me/Boston Breonna Taylor Ride


Games/Boston Women’s March


Hands Up/Boston SHFA Rally


He Is Evil/Boston Women’s March


Healing Hands/Boston SHFA Rally


Hear Me Roar/Quincy Trump Rally


Hear Us, Look At Us/Quincy Trump Rally


Helping Hands/Boston Election Night


Hold It High/Quincy Trump Rally

Holding Conversation/Boston SHFA Rally


Keep Your Mask On, Sir/Boston SHFA Rally


Out Now!/Boston Women’s March


Pigs Line Up/Boston SHFA Rally


Police Protection/Boston SHFA Rally


Police Protection, contd./Boston SHFA Rally



Punches and Police/Quincy Trump Rally


Punches and Police, contd./Quincy Trump Rally


Ramsey Park/Boston MAAPB March


Reap What You Sow/Boston SHFA Rally


Showdown with the White Devil/Quincy Trump Rally


Skyscrapers and Cyclists/Boston Breonna Taylor Ride


The Basics/Boston Women’s March


The Opposite Side of the Street/Boston SHFA Rally


The People United/Boston MAAPB March


Together We March/Boston MAAPB March


Together We Stand/Boston Election Night


Walking The Line/Boston SHFA Rally


We March On/Boston MAAPB March


Can You Hear Us/Boston SHFA Rally


You Hold The Power/Ramsey Park MAAPB



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