In case you didn’t know, there is an absurd AND ridiculous AND most wonderful collective artistic endeavor that takes the shape of a newspaper, and calls itself MOTHER’S NEWS operating out of our sister city of Providence, RI and projecting itself across the known universe.

And as artistic endeavors, and many independently run newspapers in 2013, need to do: THEY ARE FUNDRAISING.

I SUGGEST YOU CLICK ON THIS URL RIGHT HERE: http://www.mothersnews.net/year4/

If you do you will be given an opportunity to peer into the hive mind of artists of every stripe that concoct MOTHER’S NEWS each and every month very nearby to where you now stand (if you are standing, say, in New England). We here @ the Boston Hassle share a special bond with the MOTHER’S NEWSERS not just because we also publish an arts and art-centric newspaper in 2013 (ours is of course the BOSTON COMPASS. also what is wrong with all of us?!), and not just because we’re all New Englanders and criss cross each other on the underground art railroad, but also because some of us go to a 24 Hour Science Fiction Movie Marathon together every year.

So you see, we are tight. We here @ the Hassle love what the folks @ MOTHER’S NEWS do, and we think it would be awesome if you checked out their wild outbursts of creativity that they choose to put to newsprint. Send some dollars their way. GIVE THEM SOME MONEY. Check out MOTHER’S NEWS.



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