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Worries Bash

Exhibit at Proof Gallery by local artists Caitlin Foley & Misha Rabinovich


During a time when facts are presented as fiction and capitalism weighs on the shoulders of people across our continent, worries are strangers to no one. Artists Caitlin Foley and Misha Robinovich have created a electroacoustic piñata project that is designed to collect worries audibly and written from hundreds of people.


Misha constructed an algorithm to randomize the recorded worries and rigged a piñata with motion sensors that once hit activates a audible statement by someone who submitted their thoughts that echos eerily throughout the gallery. The project has traveled from Flux Factory in New York and Agva-CIAT in Berlin in 2017, and is currently at display at Proof Gallery in South Boston, there will be a Ceremonial Worries Bash closing reception on June 15 @ 7-9 pm. Those who visit the exhibit have the chance to add to this collection of worries offering a safe cathartic way to have a voice while maintaining autonomy.

For more information about the project visit and find out more about their involvement in Art Week.

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