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What’s up w/ Houndsteeth

Grace & Jolee let us know what's up ahead of their Hassle Instagram stream @ 8pm on 3/10!



Catch the stream @ 8pm over on the Boston Hassle Instagram!

Dan Shea:
How is it/was it getting back together and playing after the long pandemic forced time apart? Has Queen Crony gotten together again?

It was honestly amazing, we have a super special musical connection and friendship and it was really sad to not be playing together or really with anyone. Sparks flew baby. It was sick. Queen Crony is in the process of starting to play music together again, our guitarist, Matt, moved to California, but we really hope to start recording a new album soon! We are workshopping songs remotely!

Have you two missed playing live? What do you look forward to most in the eventual return of live music and shared artistic experiences?

Yes we really fucking miss it. We miss playing to bodies rather than screens, we miss the social aspect, we miss it all. But we have been still getting a great deal of support from friends and family and lovers and others, so its great. We are most looking forward to finally doing a huge tour and we hope it can happen ASAP!!!!

A great deal of change doesn’t seem in the cards (if you ask me), but what are some things that you hope can change in Boston as we begin post-pandemic life (whenever that may end up being)?

I think the main thing that we both hope can change is that people will utilize the avenues paved by pandemic life, in terms of reaching out to people more, and employing online communities as a way of expanding their circles and organizing shows that include bands/artists beyond people’s immediate social circles (ie playing on the same bills every week or every month or something). Idk if this makes sense but maybe you get the idea

Any new hobbies developed during COVID times?

Yes lots! Both of us have been crafting and embroidering a lot. Grace literally has a side hustle selling home-crocheted hats (hit her insta for one they are super cute). Also musically Jolee has been practicing bass a lot, and Grace has gotten super into production! Also Jolee plays a lot of games like chess and solitaire lol. Grace plays a lot of Stardew Valley. Also Grace is monstrous in the kitchen. Are these hobbies? lol

What can you tell us about the stream you’ll be live with in Wednesday? What’s next for you two individually? For Houndsteeth?

We will be playing new and old songs in the stream! Lots of new songs in the works generally that we won’t be playing also cuz they’re not ready. Both of us are actually working on solo releases to be released pretty close together in the spring. Houndsteeth also just started recording our second album 😉 Grace is gonna produce it. Also we miss Izzy and she’s definitely gonna be involved with this record as well (drums and production also).

Anyway, see you soon! Super excited for the stream!!! sorry these answers are a little rushed we are stream of consciousness writing thoughts down together.

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