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Wes Kaplan’s Two Coolest Musical Discoveries of 2019

A brief dispatch of hot noize recs from Wes Kaplan of Lane


1. Brookline Community Teen Band
OK. I will admit that I had a hand in starting this band. I work at a teen after-school music program and thought it would be fun to start a noise rock ensemble. My boys ended up opening for Lightning Bolt about a month after starting, so things are off to a good start. This band helped me appreciate why noise rock never goes out of style—I believe people are driven to start noise bands out of a perverse fascination with “breaking all the rules,” e.g. not playing chords, learned fret board shapes, singing melodies, and so on. But I think the novelty of this wears off quickly and what’s leftover is the discovery of a fully physical, gestural, unrestrained music that’s too infectious not to get lost in. I feel this process of discovery will last as long as there are young musicians.

2. Pulgas
One of my boys from BCTB turned me on to this Philly band. It’s hard to top their self description (“Beavis Wizards”) so I will humbly recommend this to:
  • fans of early Ariel Pink dismayed with how quickly his sleaze bedroom lofi sound got totally played out
  • ppl who hate math rock but love a weird time
  • anyone skeptical of the funk’s relevance in the new millennium
To my ear, this band is like one musical generation behind me and one of my favorite things the kids are into these days is what I would call unambitious shredding filtered through an extremely casual fluency with Ableton (I am catching vapors of Foodman, Oneohtrix, and so on).
Pulgas: please come to Boston.  We will book a killer show for you.
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