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Went There: Waking Windows Winooski 2019

3 Days of Music and Mountain Views in Vermont


5/4/19 – Paper Castles at Lucky Cloud

Music festivals, in their hectic blur of sound and noise, are best experienced moment-by-moment.  That’s why taking a camera along is such an alluring proposition, and why festival photography is both a fun and stressful way to spend a weekend. In my first foray into the discipline of fest press, I’ve discovered that the best attitude for a point-and-shoot-toting amateur photographer to have is to seek tiny, joyful, accidental moments.  


All the factors for a good fest weekend stood in place: It rained heavily, I slept in my car, drinks were plentiful, feet got muddy, bathroom lines were marveled at.  I floated through a warm din of people that seemed to know each other intimately (or maybe everyone was just really nice) and I documented the slices of time-and-space that exist only when people come together for music, and only in Vermont.


5/3/19 – Fire, rain, and Twin Peaks on the main stage in downtown Winooski


5/3/19 – The wine-dark crowd


5/3/19 – Talking to Jeff Baron and Tim Barnes of The Essex Green backstage at Waterworks


5/3/19 – Andreya Casablanca from GURR at Monkey House


5/3/19 – Vaughn Hunt of Acid Dad at Monkey House


5/3/19 – A brief disco moment


5/4/19 – Bobby Hackney, of Rough Francis, getting ready to perform at the rotary stage


5/4/19 – An actual press photographer, hard at work


5/4/19 – An art instillation and its apreciateurs at the brand new Lucky Cloud


5/4/19 – A vinelike tangle of wires during the Julia Caesar set


5/4/19 – Blink-and-you’ll-miss-it detail in the Lucky Cloud instillation


5/4/19 – Kassie Carlson, of Guerilla Toss, mid-scream


5/4/19 – Behind the scenes at The Skinny Pancake


5/4/19 – God is in the details


5/4/19 – Looming pipe organ watches over Tom Pearo’s set at the Winooski Methodist Church


Waking Windows occurs every Spring in both Winooski, VT and Portland, ME.  Thx for a sick weekend & see you guys next year!

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