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WENT THERE: Shura, Hannah Cohen @ Brighton Music Hall


British singer Shura returned to Boston for one night at Brighton Music hall with her sophomore album Forevher, an album drenched with heavy bass lines and electro-pop ballads. Shura came on the scene with “Touch,” the first single off her debut 2014 eighties synth album Nothing’s real. “Touch” gives off R&B energy and features soulful lyrics. Shura latest record Forevher still stays true to those R&B vibes but also mixes in some EDM and synth-pop elements which make for great dance party when seeing her live.

On the road with Shura on her North American leg of her tour was New York musician Hannah Cohen, who recently released her third album: Welcome Home. Hannah Cohen’s set was refreshing and inspiring with songs like This is your life which kicks you in the shins to open your eyes and realize that you shouldn’t just let life happen to you, that “its just your fucking life.” As well as songs like Old Bruiser that honestly teaches you that while life is painful, the bruises will fade with time. She overtook the crowd with the dreamy comfort in her soft spoken truth; she made you face you the music with music.

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After Hannah Cohen’s performance, Shura came on the stage. With the heavy smoke surrounding her and her band, and the heavy purple lights, it was like being transported into a whole other world. I could feel the crowd’s ecstatic energy, they were ready to sing their hearts out and dance with each other, so once they saw Shura and her signature fedora they started buzzing. Shura played songs like “Touch” which got everybody going and throwing praises Shura’s way. Shura’s relationship with fans is magnified during live performances, between her spunky dance moves and playful yet truthful lyrics, her performances make for a fun, but heartbreaking experience. Especially when she plays songs like “BKLYNDLN” or “side effects.” Seeing Shura play live was a playful, yet heavy experience which I would gladly do again and again and so should you!

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