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Went There: Record Hospital Fest @ The Harvard Advocate April 13-14th

Photo Gallery by Omari Spears


YOOOO THAT RECORD HOSPITAL FEST WAS SICK, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The old & new combine & reveal in ways unique to every occurrence. Like a De Kooning painting, or that sick punk song, a new perspective is imposed continuously until what’s revealed is: the point. The underground & college music scene in this city is no different, yet seeks accessiblity to maturing or new college based scenes. The artists curated at this fest are hardly academic in nature however.

The point of Record Hospital Fest is to combine a multitude of musical acts in the alternative & independent music scenes to celebrate Harvard College Radio being all around astounding at what they do. What was a two day fest in a small, cramped room in Harvard Square had people coming in to see Dog (NY), Leopard Print Taser, Edge Petal Burn & many others. I love college radio & I love DIY spaces that I haven’t been to before. (Not to mention working with my favorite photographer in the city right now) I’ll just shut up and let the photos and music do the talking.

WENT THERE: Record Hospital Fest, 4/14/18

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