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WENT THERE: Works of Rebeccah Stromberg at Darwin’s on Mt Auburn st.

Opening Reception


Poster by Lauren Shapiro

Darwin’s on Mt. Auburn St. feels like a relic of a Harvard Sq. from another time. On the block, there is a jangly lookin record store with aged layers of flyers shredding off the side of the door, across the block are some huge ass mansions – and then Darwin’s LTD, which feels homey and just the right amount of crunchy.

Inside Darwin’s two Sunday’s ago there was a truly special gathering to celebrate the work of local transplant (from LA) Rebeccah Stromberg. The night was a wonderful testament to how art can flourish anywhere, doesn’t have to be a gallery or a museum. All it takes is a little TLC. In this case the care was provided by Lauren Shapiro, curator and employee at Darwin’s. This is her second show organized there, and we are looking forward to many more! The takeover of the space was impressive. There was an experimental noise performance by Ira Klein, which provided a deep and moody ambiance to the room. Ira’s moving performance was juxtaposed by the staunch couple obliviously playing chess two feet from him, which felt like a performance art piece in itself. Far-better-than-average snacks were provided, and instead of wall vinyl there were bright blue construction paper block letters spelling out the name Em – bo – di – ment.

I appreciated that room was provided for the Rebeccah’s artist statement to become part of the show, a much bigger part than your average cafe showing. Rebeccah’s work appears simple at first, but when you look closer you see the layers of paint that are involved, and the repetitious action that created this process-oriented work. Each painting that she makes is a slow plunge into an archetypal memory, remembered though action and embodiment. Lauren created beautiful carved out books containing transparencies of Rebeccah’s artist statement that can be handled, creating a much more tangible connection than just observing some words on a wall. All in all, a beautiful collaboration by two emerging artist spirits!

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Interested in showing your work, or want to know when the next exhibition is going up? Send an email to darwinsonmtauburn.[email protected]

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