WENT THERE: Nora Haydon’s DIY Art Party


Nothing melts our butter more at the Hassle than creative Bostonians taking some goddamn initiative!  Last month,  local artist NORA HAYDON opened her Watertown apartment doors to artists and art lovers alike to down a few glasses of wine and check out works by local artists MARIA LaCRETA, GREGORY RUBIN and herself.

Nora Haydon Art Party Tim Gurczak photo-3

Nora Haydon Art Party Tim Gurczak photo-12

Nora Haydon Art Party Tim Gurczak photo-1

“I decided, as an exercise in putting myself out there, to open up my room/studio to my friends and strangers for one night.  I invited other artists whom I love and respect to fill the rest of the house with their most recent work.  And it worked.  And we had fun.”


A  spread of wine, olives, cheese and other delights helped keep the environment comfortable as people mingled their way through the 2-story apartment with art tucked away on shelves, tables, walls, etc…

LaCreta, having a background in film/video/new media/painting, returns to the Boston art scene after having taken some time to raise a human being.  It’s interesting to look at LaCreta’s body of work and see how she has adapted/evolved over the years with the shift in her resources and time.

Rubins is an alumni of the late Butera School of Art, which was one of the last places in the country still teaching the art of Sign Painting.  Minty Custom Signs is his baby that has been beautifying windows, car doors and the like all over this fair town of ours.

I really enjoy sifting through Haydon’s doodles and drawings which were done on scraps of paper, bar napkins, and whatever else was around at the time… This impulsive creating is an everyday practice for her, and one that exemplifies her constant presence of mind and ability to show us her world.

Nora Haydon Art Party Tim Gurczak photo-21Nora Haydon Art Party Tim Gurczak photo-25Nora Haydon Art Party Tim Gurczak photo-23

These kind of events reinforce the idea that art can be enjoyed and created by anyone, anywhere.  Get inspired and get active!

*photos by Tim Gurczak

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