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First Fridays @450 Strip (South End)


My first stop at SOWA First Fridays this month was Find and Form Space at 524 Harrison Ave. This month’s show is “Light Sabers & Radiant Toys” by Julie Kumar. I loved Kumar’s ghostly kinetic sculpture featuring glowing lights and moving plastic tubes hanging from the ceiling.

Tyson Andree
Tyson Andree

Next I stopped by Adelson Galleries at 520 Harrison Ave, where Tyson Andree has a show up called “The Process: Works on Glass.” Andree creates his paintings by using spray paint on glass, using razor blades to shape the paint. The show also includes an outdoor mural across the street. You can catch a quick video about his process Here.

Something Felix Gallery
Something Felix Gallery

Something Felix Gallery was all about dogs this month. With photos, paintings, interpretive sculpture and even live dogs themselves, “For the Love of Dog” was all about our friends the canines.

Top: Alexandra Borovski Bottom Left: Adam Matak Bottom Right: Alex Buchanan

Top: Alexandra Borovski, Bottom Left: Adam Matak, Bottom Right: Alex Buchanan

Khaki Gallery is showing Convergence II, featuring work selected by the gallery from students of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. The many works interact beautifully in the gallery space. The opening featured a performance by Alexandra Borovski on one side of a wall, whose other side was a screen for videos. Adam Matak’s figure sculptures are arranged so that they are observing the other pieces in the show, pictured above one observes a sculpture by Alex Buchanan.

Richard Bosman
Richard Bosman

Carroll and Sons is currently showing Richard Bosmans‘ “Paintings of Modern Life,” featuring small scale paintings of people texting, taking medication, or getting dressed.


Karina Tovar

Karina Tovar was performing her Thesis for MassArt, “Public Hearings,” complete with megaphone around and among the galleries. Her performance was also broadcast online Here.

Kim Pashko and David Kelly

Samson Projects said goodbye to Kim Pashko and David Kelly, who are moving to Texas in “It’s so hard to say au revoir, so let’s just say hors d’oeuvre.”

IMG_1074 copy
Top: Sandi Haber Fifeld, Bottom: Audrey Goldstein

Finally, Gallery Kayafas has two shows up: “Issues of Trust II” by Audrey Goldstein and “After the Threshold” by Sandi Haber Fifeld. Goldstein combines sculptural materials beautifully, so they all blend together, making it impossible to determine where woodgrain ends and paint begins. Sandi Haber Fifeld strings together multiple photos to create abstract narratives, drawn together less by logic and more by feeling.

Most shows will be up till the end of the month so be sure to check out their gallery hours and head over! See you next month! Until then you can find me blogging at Suzi Looks at Lots of Art.

All Photos taken by Suzi Grossman.

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