WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Web/tech team members, Volunteer Coordinator, Music + more writers, Video content creators


Just like it says above…


BOSTON HASSLE org creates the Boston Compass newspaper every month, runs the Boston Hassle website every day, and puts on 6-8 shows every month including two festivals happening very soon: the NEW ENGLAND UNDERGROUND MUSIC FESTIVAL next weekend, and the BOSTON HASSLE FEST 5.
We are on the cusp of becoming a federally recognized non-profit! Join us as we cross the threshold.

We always need volunteer help in MANY different ways, but right now we could really use help in the following areas:

– Web/tech team members: Work with our current team to make this site the beautiful dream that we all see when we trail off to sleep each night!

– Volunteer Coordinator: Be the first person that new volunteers come into contact with when they are looking to volunteer with the Compass or the Hassle! You will pair individuals with different roles in the organization, finding the best fit for everyone involved! SO CRUCIAl.

– Music + more writers: We need GO TO writers (daily show previews). We need TOP SHRIMP writers (band profiles). We need WENT THERE writers (take a vid on your phone, and then come on the internets and explain how it went down). We need INTERVIWERS (you know, interviews). Or bring us a NEW IDEA. We concentrate on music, and are growing into film and art coverage, but maybe you want to talk about art or Boston from a more personal or unique perspective? It’s wide open. If we like it, you’re stuff will be up in no time!

– Video content creators: Creating video content of any kind?? Art? Short films? Show documentation? Interviews? Again, if we like it, let us be your forum!!

GET IN TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[email protected]

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