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WANTED: Hassle Promo Chief



Hey you, with the big mouth! You, who make your friends jealous always talkin’ up the latest and greatest shiz going on in your life, and who always has a good story to tell—we could use a guy like you. The Hassle is looking for one (1) man, woman, child, senior citizen, dogs would probably be OK, nondenominational, humanoid, wait can dogs even type this job requires typing, excitable person and/or thing to run our promo ops! You are someone who wants to:

—Work with our show bookers and event planners to promote what we do and create a public understanding of what BRAIN Arts Organization and the Hassle (and the Compass!) are all about
—Get our name out across all the Boston and New England music, art, and film circles you can get in touch with
—Write press releases for all our sick shows
—Reach out to record labels and bands to talk about how we’re talking about them and their awesome work
—Set up co-promo opportunities between the Hassle and other like-minded orgs in Boston
—Build community with an engaging group of artists, volunteers, and anyone else you might cross paths with at our Monday meetings!

Interested? Get in touch at bostonhassle at gmail dot com or fill out this form. And maybe let your friends do the talking once in a while?

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