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Vomitbitch’s (FKA Fat Shuggy) Late Reflection on 2018


Hello all y’all wonderful cute lil warts of anal puke infections! It’s yo snot lactation gal Vomitbitch (formerly known as Fat Shuggy), over here to give you my list of my favorite releases from 2018! Sorry I’m a lil late (sending this in on the day after due date); I got a lil caught up in virgin sacrificing again. No order to this list.

missdick vibrocisvibrations

Super group from Chicago featuring Forced into Femininity and Lorene Bouboushian delivering some badass electro noise with beautiful singing and incredible lyrics. Refreshing and original as fuck!

Spring BreedingFeed Your Pet, SPRNG BRED

Hardcore jazz noise band from Vegas made so much cum explode from my ears when I first heard them! You need to hear this band right fucking now! So wonky and dancey with sax and synth and clanky guitar with drummer Tyler screaming his ass off! Fuck!

PleaserDon’t Look @ Me, Pop World (both singles)

Boston’s favorite cute couple, Carrie from Birthing Hips and Travis from a stranger cosmic number of bands, form this sick industrial duo full of surprises with haunting harmonies and intricate lyrics sung across a wide spectrum of vocal talents. Completely new direction for both artists and I’m excited to see what those fuckers do next!

DressageTake Me Home

Also from Carrie with an all-star cast of NEC cats we got a country record? Yeah mothafucka, it’s a fucking great country record with a completely original approach featuring some fucking tight ass arrangements, nasty twang guitar shredding, spooky organ, punky drums, scatting, and more! The mothafuckas got a lot of tricks in their sleeves!


Industrial band from Chicago of pure fuck-yeahism! Holy shit this record goes hard with heavy beats and jaw dropping out of skull super emotional vocals! Just fucking give this record a spin! Reznor would vomit his ejaculate if he heard this!

Wendy EisenbergThe Machinic Unconscious, Its Shape is Your Touch

Wendy from Birthing Hips released two absolutely fantastic records in 2018 like holy fucking shit she’s on fucking Jazz Billboard fuck! Best guitarist you’ll ever hear hands down; I’m thrilled to know her and see how much she’s grown artistically. Machinic Unconscious features fucking Trevor Dunn from Mr. Bungle and Chess Smith Secret Chiefs 3!!! Wendy keeping Free Jazz alive and relevant. Never doing anything I would consider a pop direction and yet making a name for herself. I’m super proud of her and I’ve never felt more inspired by anyone.


Gyna BootlegNumb, Deaf, Blind (3 albums!)

Gyna is a completely mind blowing performance artist, noise musician, and film maker in Providence who is so unbelievably talented and amazing holy fuck! This series of records brings out the senses in very intriguing ways with harsh noise, screaming, and yet ambient. Fucking beautiful beyond words!

Lewis MAlive. (and 4 other releases)

Lewis is an emcee and beat maker in Providence with super raw talent expressing so much emotion through his lyrics, his flow, and beats that come from a billion samples beyond recognition! Alive. really grabbed me deep and listen gives me goosebumps. Extreme passion. Some super great special guests on there as well!


Lane, from Dent and Elizabeth Colour Wheel, released a phenomenal album of heavy passion playing every instrument and singing with so much power in her voice. Putting together ambience, traditional Chinese folk, electronica, and so much more together to create an incredibly moving sound.

OompaNovember 3rd

Incredibly amazing rapper becoming one of the most relevant voices of the Boston music scene! So many versatile technical skills, so many visible emotions, and many things to say! Perfect documentation of history; impossible to listen to without feeling super moved.

☄️ New York is currently getting fucking destroyed by noise monster Dreamcrusher! Pure noise at its fucking hardest! Whole record have you saying “woah”! Industrial beats, screaming, samples, crying, all at max distortion!

https://dreamcrusher.bandcamp.com/album/grudge2 -Buy it here

The Unknown Sound Collective & Mourning Dove – 15 albums in one year!

New York artist Mourning Dove is super virtuosic releasing so much music, all super original, passionate, and absorbent of environment! Most sounds come from her voice creating ambient, melodic, and meditative beautiful music. I’m super excited to be touring with her this summer and really hope she gets known! 15 fucking albums in 1 year!



Bethany Bruisesthe Sun Uppers, I don’t Suffer

Bethany is a wonderful artist, never one to be afraid of their interior expressions putting everything on the line whenever they sing. Low fi singer/songwriter brilliance of damn!

SpazticityPut Your Grapes in for Green Poison

Minimalistic Boston rapper Spazticity will leave the listener with lots of questions. I can’t say much, you just gotta listen!

https://www.songcastmusic.com/profile-mobile?id=spazticitymusicpage -Click to listen

BoutiqueDon’t Ever Change your Beautiful Self, Beautiful Dancer

Boutique is a Boston disco artist creating simply beautiful synthesizer dub over dub over dub! Most artists trying to do what he’s doing would be lost in nostalgia, but that’s not the case with Boutique for he has truly found himself within 80’s and it feels much more filled with his emotions than any feelings of nostalgia, and it’s somehow very relevant feeling! The way he works with vocalists, harmonizing them accenting the melodies into formulaic compositions is simply wonderful. I’ve known this artist personally for a very long time and I’m super proud of him!

Petridisch – (6 albums this year!)

Petridisch is an extremely interesting ambient noise artist specializing in scary sounding organ. He puts out so much great music all which physically sends you in to new places, and he also has his own label now! I saw him once and he gave me a shitload of tapes. Then I hadn’t seen him anywhere for a year but I had been digging his tapes and invited him into my band Corpsefuckerz! Purely musical connection we have which feels very magic to me!

https://petridisch.bandcamp.com/ -You can find those projects here

ArcadiaArcadia EP
🦈 Arcadia is a new grunge band in New Haven rocking it out with super passionate singing on that gritty voice expressing their sorrow. Really cool almost funk sounding grooves with fucking sick hard crash style drumming over chunky rhythm guitar. Lots of Nirvana and 90’s vibes! Very excited to see what this band does next!

Andrea PensadoAs Within So Without, Accepting the Path to Love
🦉 Salem noise legend Andrea Pensado never stops fighting! She released two fantastic records encompassing voice and pure white noise! The way she speaks gibberish feels like another language and I can understand everything she’s saying in a way that really moves me to tears. So much variety in sound while staying true to the constant instrumentation. She’s always been a true superhero to me and there’s truly no music that sounds like her.

Moria moiréPound by Pound

Moria is a Boston lo fi singer/songwriter releasing a super original record that’s haunting and beautiful. Feeling of nature trapped inside the human body is how I describe the atmosphere of this record. Playing a few different layers of instruments, textures of samples, and singing beautiful melodies that will stay in your head!

Blue Ray – 5 albums in 2018!

Boston punks Blue Ray is fighting to keep the scene an interesting place by keeping punk alive in a way that represents originality, emotional distress, harshness, and more in ways that are super fun! Slonky beats, feedback, short stories, screams, use of unexpected instruments, dances, spoken word, and more!

Moody Mandysongs about things I don’t like to talk about
🥀 Boston artist Mandy puts forward a record of clean solo guitar. You can hear her soul being expressed throughout the haunting ambient melodies encompassing her ineffable emotions in a way that you can truly feel. Every note is so real. Record hit me really hard when I first heard it.

Burn Thee CorpseAcid Bath EP

Newcomer Boston noise motherfucker creates music like it’s a snuff film! Play this to right audience and surely they’ll autocannibalize! Diverse instruments of non recognition, huh samples, and some wonderful singing; get this mothafucka on some shows!

EvicshenKlee Doll
⚙️Boston nerd Evicshen fucking owns the scene! All her instruments are of her own creation, making atmospheric abrasive textures of badass noise like holy fuck, her music is a whole different world! Album printed on beautiful handmade metal cassette tapes, damn this is fucking cool shit!

J. GALLAGER – 6 Solo studio albums and lots of collaborations!

Formerly Alto Jeffro is a modern day Lou Reed style noise scholar playing beautiful terrible out of tune cutting guitar with very meaningful melodies that make you wanna vomit and it’s fucking awesome! Incredible lo fi noise guitar with distorted vocals and some very fitting drum machines! He also owns the label Ticked Off Tapes, which put out a number of live albums from many different fantastic artists!


Bleeders is the fucking hardest band around right now rightfully flooding Philly in blood! It doesn’t get much more punk than Bleeders! Beautiful powerful relevant lyrics over high speed aggressive mosh music, fuck, this record is killer! Plus they also did a split with Period Bomb this year that fucking rips as well!

Period BombLost and Found, HARDCORN PEBO

Miami rebels Period Bomb released two fucking hard straight up badass albums in 2018. Lo fi gut wrenching dissonant instrumentation with beautifully passionate screaming of politically motivated lyricism! Very impressive amounts of instruments challenging what it means to be punk band in the modern day! I called Period Bomb a No Wave band when I was in the band and Cami hated that; “this is PUNK!” Oh, and motherfucking ARIEL PINK special guests a song!

Fat ShuggyThe Rotten Snot in Forgotten Emotion, Never Stop Killing

Yeah so I also released two albums in 2018 that I’m really proud of, and I can totally use this platform to self advertise; so why the fuck not?

This concludes my list that I was able to write about! I wanted to write about a lot more artists, but I want people to actually listen to these fucking records and it’s also almost February, so I had to stop myself from writing too much. Ask me about artists and I’ll give you a shitload more to listen to! On this list I’m only talking about albums, I ain’t touch performers! Plus there’s a bunch of artists doing amazing shit that didn’t do a 2018 album. Disembowel y’all fuckers later! 🖤

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