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BRAIN Arts is the relatively new union of 3 ongoing projects: the Boston Hassle website, the Boston Compass newspaper and Boston Hassle Shows. We three facets are merely one large throng of dedicated volunteers who spend our free time exposing the most interesting music, art, and film we can find, to and from Boston, and beyond. You could join us in this obsession to share rad things. In fact, we urge you to. The more people looking, the more good stuff we are bound to dig up. That is why we have brought these efforts together to form BRAIN.

BRAIN Arts Organization is our newly minted 501(c)(3) non-profit. Now, we and you, the interested, artistic individuals of our great region, will have new opportunities to make Boston and New England a better place to be an artist. We plan to expand our content on the website and newspaper, bring more exciting bands to town from all over the work, and eventually acquire a space of our own so that we may have the stability that so many independent art communities lack – accessible and affordable studio and performance spaces.  So won’t you help us?

The following positions are available immediately:

—Show Coordinator

—Artist Coordinator

—Compass Support Coordinator

—Internship Coordinator


Beyond that there is an ocean of ways you can contribute, some old, some new, some that haven’t been thought up yet! Your expertise in video, writing, animation, food, beer, tarot, turnip growing, animal husbandry, metalsmithing, car muffler refurbishing—whatever it is you have to bring to the table will appreciated and considered by BRAIN Arts. However you want to get involved, we will find a place for you. We can even offer INTERNSHIP credit for your volunteer hours, just ask your school!

BRAIN’s projects have always been yours, ours, and everyone’s. We are a platform for people who embrace and espouse DIY culture, people who explore and experiment with the act of creation. If that sounds like you then we urge you to utilize us as a resource to get your ideas out there! It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are empowered to Do It Yourself

Email us! Fill out our volunteer interest form! Come to our weekly, all-ages, open-to-the-public meeting! What’s next? Who’s to say—how about you?

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