Underwear – My Destiny Awaits


The Soft and penetrating radiation of a day in the clouds.

A note from the Creator:
“Hello I am Nick Grunerud or ‘Underwear’
…I have never done drugs of any kind
Or form…this is best listened to from start
To finish with headphones or great speakers
And I hope you enjoy! Also, The My House Lyric
Was intended to be “come in my House”

The recording is weird. A lot of music is produced every year, and I have a basic philosophy that it is better to be producing than consuming. Maybe I am terribly sick. I wrote another review as I was listening to this recording that was pure evil. The Creator handled it in a reasonable way. Kudos. I scrapped it.

I like the “Clouds” suite that is dispersed throughout. I’m not a great fan of the vocals and lyrical content, but I am a man of particular tastes. The music is interesting, though, especially the sounds that creep in around the edges. I’m just trying to imagine the people that would listen to it for pleasure.

One of the tags for the recording is “Comedy” and I’m not really sure where the comedy comes in so I had to make my own jokes. “[Come In My] House” made me laugh every time the lyric is repeated, which is a lot. There is also a lyric about searching around in the clouds for something, which I imagine as a reference to searching for car keys in cess clouds at the end of a stoned evening.

But, as the Creator told us, he has no experience with drugs. Hopefully he won’t have any encounters with a James Bond Villainess any time soon. Remember: always check those bottle caps!

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