In The Reaper’s Quarters, released on Wharf Cat Records, is the Ukiah Drag’s most accomplished release to date. Building on the bluesy post-punk of Jazz Mama Is Cryin and the creep beat rock of the vinyl follow-up Dirt Trip, In The Reaper’s Quarters brings their post-punk sound into what can only be described as southern gothic – something the label attests too with its comparison to the writings of Harry Crews. The album is a rock record above all else, mixing blues rock stylings into a reimaging of 70s psychedelic hard rock with an almost americana feel. The overall tone of the album is fitted to its recording locale: inside a deconsecrated church, and thoroughly impregnates that atmosphere and aesthetic into each song. While Jazz Mama Is Cryin felt like a continuation of American Snakeskin, In The Reaper’s Quarters feels like the Ukiah Drag have finally emerged fully-formed (and for now ended the battle for supremacy between themselves and Cottaging). The album is worth checking out for their draining cover of Lee Hazelwood’s Wait And See alone, throw in six more songs and you’ve got yourself a record crying out to be on constant rotation. Spin the record backwards to unlock secret messages from the band and beyond. Download of the full album is available below for free courtesy of icoulddietomorrow.

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