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We’re doing it again. TONIGHT we join EYE DESIGN in summoning that unwieldy multimedia show monster TREAT YO SELF to the Middlesex Lounge for another grab bag of great art and music that’ll flip ya lid.

For music, we got the beastly goofs THE CHANNELS banging away at those loopy trashcan anti-anthems. They got a sickly beautiful new tape on BUFU Records, so sniff on that tasty cat nip. The extremely talented and enimagitc GOBBY is lurking round Boston again with psychedelic mind pummeling electronics and live drums. Atlanta bud SHADE (ex Bird Names) brings more off-beat folk pop, while new duo CURSE PURSE combines the raw power two soft-spoken western MA titan – Matt Robidoux (Hidden Temple Tapes, ex-Speedy Ortiz) and Ted Lee (Feeding Tube Records, Zebu!) doing who knows what – but who cares, its gonna rock.

On the visual art tip, we got Hassle darling and leading designer for The Compass ROSE PARRY sharing her zines and indiosyncratic, infectious humor and wit. The colorfully graphic illustrator COURTNEY WHITE and musician sketcher SQUISHY SANDWHICH will also have their wares displayed for ya’ll to ogle at, while Mondo Fiasco coordinates live visuals to accompany the performances.

So peel off that layer of pretension, cut through the smartphone haze, and let your attention land on something unusual. Your eyes and ears deserve a treat.

9pm // 21+ // $5

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