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TRASH ART: @newenglanddumps


As a fan of all things garbage related, I bring you @newenglanddumps. Lighting, composition, rule of thirds – wtf is that. I like to think of my dumpster art like Pokémon Go, searching for all gross treasures to add to my collection. Does it smell like pee? I’m there! Is it dangerously rusty? You got me! (Up to date on tetanus shot? Definitely not!) Potential rat orgy inside?! JACKPOT!

I feel as if I am doing a public service to the Commonwealth, and all of glorious New England, by cataloguing and giving props to a majorly overlooked source of beauty.

Found in any alley, street and even suburban areas, I like to think of the back story and why or how these dumpsters got here today. What could they contain? Who dumps there? How many raccoons are dwelling inside?

It all started in a very dumpy outskirts of Boston: Worcester. Quinsigamond park, I found myself stoned, bored and waiting for a friend to meet up. Looking around I found a dumpster with a baby stroller, and it definitely sparked my interest. What happened here? Is the baby now walking? Did the baby drown in the gross waters of Lake Quinsigamond? Was it a dog stroller that got shat in? I needed to document this sighting for future contemplation.

Leading me to my next string of conscious thought ramblings… In a time where we need to be careful about what comes out of our own dumpster holes, I enjoy the genderlessness, raceless, sexually neutral beauty dumpsters have to offer. I do not have to ask a dumpster what their pronouns are, it’s literally all refuse trash. I enjoy making comments and not having to tip toe around being PC and offending a certain group of people. Is this what this is all about? Me finding the strength to break social norms and identify as trash? No, I don’t think that is it. I mean, I am trash, but that’s not what this platform is all about. More power to you for expressing yourself.

Dumpster hunting has brought me to many different places, seeing the beauty in every day garbage. It has give me an excuse to take a goddamn walk around my neighborhood and really appreciate the scenery. It has given me the opportunity to connect with people I would not normally lurk on social media. Someone asked me to join the illuminati. Imagine!? A dumpster joining an elite group of influencers that controls the world!? Sadly, I did not have the $200 to wire transfer to be eligible to join. I did offer my soul, which I thought was priceless in this life and the next, but they never responded after that.

In conclusion (you can tell I only advanced to a high school diploma here) dumpsters are a gathering place for my ideas, hopes, dreams and nightmares. I hope to share this beauty with the world, one instagram submission at a time. And also hide the fact that I am a loner/stoner/loser with some garbagy photos. I am genuinely surprised you made it to the end of this ill worded, poorly constructed rant/ramble. Any submissions are greatly accepted and appreciated, and remember, it’s not about your dumpy exterior, it’s the rat orgy in your heart that matters. Love you. @newenglanddumps


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