2014 Year Enders



Ryan Harrison & Alex Bourne worked hard over the past year to keep the upper parts of New England strange. They’ve booked many great shows under the aegis of Salty Speakers and Seacoast Shows, respecitively, and they were kind enough to take a moment from their holiday to reflect on their favorite events from the past year. Make your new years resolution to take a drive up north.

10.30.2014: Red Door Halloween – Wet Dress, Gym Shorts, Nice Guys, Me In Capris @ Red Door
All the bands ruled and Me In Capri’s completely flawless and ridiculous Katy Perry cover set is something that no one will ever will ever forget.

10.2.2014: Black Norse, Big Mess, Death to Tyrants, Rough Francis @ Red Door
I thought the Red Door was going to explode that night.

9.2.2014: Glitter Pen, Battle Trance @ Buoy (Kittery, ME)
Battle Trance is definitely a mind-blowing group and seeing them at Buoy Gallery was tight.

5.3.2014 at 12:00 PM HIGH NOON: Sweet John Bloom, Death to Tyrants, Ampere, Black Norse @ Red Door
I have never seen our cozy little venue so packed with so many friends. And at NOON?! The show was sick and was followed by Notches and Sneeze over at Sonny’s in Dover, NH.

3.13.2014: The Pilgrims, Hayfever, Lee Corey Oswald, Choke Up @ Red Door
Very fun night that introduced me to Lee Corey Oswald, who rule.

6.19.2014: Pale Angels, Notches, Suzi Trash, High Spirits @ Red Door
I’m pretty sure Pale Angels were the loudest band to ever play Red Door.

9.13.2014: Nat Baldwin, Pile, Joey Pratt, Kendy Gable, Tell Stories, Family Planning, People Skills, Wooden Dinosaur, Paper Castles, Comma, Blake Seale, New Legs, Rick Ride, Flat Swamp @ Pawtuckaway Take Down Music Festival (Nottingham, NH)
Our 5th Festival in a row. Lots of sick Art and a live performance of Jurrasic Park.

9.18.2014: The Lentils, Free Pizza, Little My, Rick Rude @ Red Door
There was free candy, cupcakes, and pizza and everyone had the best time

​9.25.2014: Diane Cluck, Passerine, Tell Stories @ Red Door
Part of Diane’s solo northeastern US + Canada tour.

The PAO HAUS JULY 4th AMERICA SHOW: Comma, People Skills, Notches, Nice Guys, Rick Rude, Chandos
Sick house show and the best part was that there was an in ground pool.

Bonus Shows:
8.2.2014): Champagne Jerry @ Buoy (Kittery, ME)
(8/12/2014) Kal Marks Gnarwhal Hayfever @ Red Door
(5/22/2014) Pile, Grass is Green, Family Planning, Rick Rude @ Red Door
(11/6/2014) Lady Bones, Kal Marks, Notches, Superdude @ Red Door

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