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Top Hassle Show Flyers of 2018


All right y’all, we are back again with 2018 Year Ender List!

These are my top picks for flyer designs this year, and as the design intern, I had a chance to work with some of these artists. Shout out to all of our artist contributors, you help the org so much!

1. Tyvek (canceled)/ Headroom/ Bongwish @ Deep Thoughts 1/6

Starting off the year just right, James Wells is showing us that there’s nothing disturbing about the cryptid rat king as far as this show was concerned.

1/6 James Wells @snailbiff

2. Erica Eso(canceled)/ Nakedly/ Ruune @ The Lilypad 3/30

When I look at this flyer by Chris, I feel like I’m underwater, or maybe deep in the earth, like a plant rising to the surface. Like when I listen to these bands, I’m floating through space in ethereal bliss.

Chris Neil @thumbsoneil 3/30

3. Die Geister Beschworen (Portland, Oregon)/ Sundog/ Brittle Brian @ Blue Bag Records 4/6

This flyer has the Aubrey Beardsley touch, fine with the ink and confident with the space; but Alexandria added her own classic twist. Punk is very much alive!

4/6 Alexandria Nazar @nazararts

4. Eric Copeland/ Gobby/ Robot Death Cult/ Invisible Circle/ Lure @ DAP 4/18

I’m just going to leave this here… we love the slimy elements, slimy-er characters and the graphic color palette. It makes for a haunting and riveting piece. Thank you Batty!

4/18 Batty Rat @batty.rat

5. Feed the Punks DJ Night @ Jeanie Johnston Pub 5/17

Feed the punk! She’s perfect, she’s beautiful, she looks like Linda Evangelista and yes honey, she has the range! But seriously, check out this monthly DJ show at Jeanie Johnston Pub. The tunes are jumping, and Dan Shea is an MVP for consistently churning out out these flyers.

5/17 Dan Shea @les_pred

6. Black Market Flea @ Cambridge Community Center 6/10

Jen is the go-to designer for our Black Market Flea, a bi-monthly, one-day flea market featuring a bunch of goodies; and this mermaid is just too hip, decked from the rooter to the tooter in unique artisan goods. Grab some cool art, something for your esoteric needs, a vintage tote bag, and more the next time the market rolls up!

6/10 Jen McMahon @bigsquarehead

7. The Cradle/ Eyes of Love/ Bella/ Brittle Brian/ Bad History Month @ DAP 7/26

Check out this collab flyer design by Jack and Gia. I feel like I’m in the matrix; this is an amazing system of imagined and re-interpreted symbols. The eyes somehow stand out amidst the system, drawing me into the wonders that were that July 26th show.

8. Bile Sisters/ Persons/ BJ Snowden/ Pet Fox @ DAP 8/24

I can’t help but stop what I’m doing to stare at this piece. Everything from the bold color choices to the evocative imagery and text assemblage is so fascinating and wavy. Sarah did that y’all.

8/24 Sarah Krizon @SarahKrizon

9. Squash/ New Aura/ Buff Jesus/ The Blues Dream Box/ The Laces @ DAP 9/7

This man’s head holds so much important information, he might have the secret to life. It’s so uniquely and expertly drawn; we gotta give Cody his props!

9/7 Cody Petengill

10. Guerilla Toss/ Gauche/ Bugs and Rats @ ONCE 10/28

No kitties were harmed in the making of this flyer. Corny joke aside, we can all agree this flyer is sooo sick, and we love Danielle for whipping it up just in time for this last-minute show too!

10/28 Danielle Lauretano @aloe_obscura

11. Kee Avil/ Black Givre/ Grandmother Miracles/ Baylies Band @ DAP 11/30

James Walsh came through, a silent and deadly force. Even with a short turnaround he was able to capture and illustrate this heavy metal energy with gusto. Such a cool guy to work with too.

11/30 James Walsh @jameswalshartist

12. Confront Your Issues @ Pink Noise Studios 12/13

Lily Xie has a beautiful hand drawn quality to her imagery and text; I added some more text but the real beauty is how it’s relatable and the great art show it promoted.

12/13 Lily Xie @lolydrows

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