2014 Year Enders

Top 7 of 2014 by DOUG TUTTLE


DOUG TUTTLE is a longtime friend of mine who I never see enough of, but what you really need to know is that people all over the place LOVE HIS SHIT. Regarded as one of the finest psychedelic rock and pop purveyors active in this increasingly confusing land of ours (USA), Doug puts out records on the psychedelic (+more) bullet proof TROUBLE IN MIND label, all while residing in Cambridge, MA. His s/t debut was released by the killer record label that I just mentioned and shit, if it is not showing up on all kinds of year end lists. A warm breeze on a cold day, and conversely, a cool breeze on a hot day.  – Dan Shea

Top 7 of 2014 (In no order):

Woods-With light and with Love
A really prefect album featuring two of my favorite guitar players and one of my favorite drummers.
They are also in my opinion the best live band in the country.
Favorite track-Moving to the left

Quilt-Held in Splendor
I once told Quilt that their band sounds like they have two Jerrys playing guitar, I stand by this.
Favorite track-Mary Mountain

Morgan Delt-Morgan Delt
This album is a mind blower, I always want to compare it to White Noise, or the United States of America, it doesn’t sound like either really, but it fits in that “how did they do it/how can someone make something this insane sound so beautiful” camp.
Favorite track-Barbarian Kings

Paperhead-Africa Avenue
If I had to pick a number one for the year it would be this one, it’s just perfect.
Favorite track-Old Fashioned Kind

Herbcraft-Push Thru the Veil
A new funkier Herbcraft…YES.
Featuring ANOTHER one of my favorite guitar players, and the same favorite drummer mentioned above.

The best washy rocker of the year by far, made by some of my favorite dudes.
The best live band in the Bean no contest.
Favorite Track-Short Shorts

Bozmo-Leather Umbrella
Really great record full of Syd/Kinks style jams.
Favorite track-Wig Strut.

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