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Summing up 2017… the perfect excuse to revel in all the flyer madness we created in the past year. It was lit! In 2017 we had over 100 flyers made. As art director of the org, it is one of my favorite tasks to connect the visual aesthetic of a flyer artist with the vibe of a show. Flyer art is underrated, it is a crucial element of a successful show, and putting together a flyer requires a larger skillset than your regulah average ahtist Joe. A bangin flyer must be SICK LOOKING, visually captivating, convey the accurate vibe, but also be legible and clearly explain details about the event.  Like the bands we book, we try to find visual artists who are doing something different and have their own signature look and feel. Couldn’t be more proud of this portfolio..  We got some crazy talent in this city. So here they are!! My fave fliers of the year (in no particular order).


1.Chloe Conceicao
Cosmic balloon face, creative design, Chloe is also known for wrangling together last minute installation art and we love her.
2.Selah @shell_fm
This flyer is epic, it has a crazy backstory as well.. too long to mention here. But let’s just say Selah is a top dog professional.
3. Sage Schmett @sageschmett
Sage has a unique style all her own. She usually works in 3D (massively intricate dollhouse vibe) so it was cool to see her transform her work into flyer format.
4. Erika Sacks @erikasnacks
This is one of those flyers that captures the vibe so accurately as to almost be a premonition. You can also catch Erika selling vintage clothing at Black Market. She got styleee
5. Ben Styer @ben_styer
I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple years from now we find Styer down in Art Basel or some place blowin up the game. Someone please make yourself this man’s patron so he can paint all day every day.
6. Kit Collins @kitschcollins
Crazy color explosion! This flyer was da bomb. This multitalented lady does everything from murals, animation, embroidery… recently she made an adorable page a day dog calendar for your desk.
7. Miranda Viskatis @mirandaV169
Miranda! Glitch Goddess.. we can always count on her to provide that dark and beauteous vibe.
8. Dan Shea @les_pred
Dan’s flyers are consistently DIY and awesome. He gets the top prize for only using MS paint.
9. Eva Redamonti @evaredamonti_art
Eva is always good for some insanely intricate pen and ink drawings. Seriously go find her stuff and have your mind blown. Loved the last minute addition of the Market Basket aisle background.
10. Alex deVillers @alexcooperdevillers
Top contender in the “grotesque” art game, bringing our worst fears into existence. Three headed knife-wielding demon coming out of a three-eyed rib-caged face thorny-tongued demon.
11.Claire McGill @killmcgill
Can’t get enough of Claire’s stipple-style portraits. I helped a bit with the text but the guy ripping his own face into another dimension.. yeah that is all her.
12. Andrew Ryder @am_andersun
This flyer started as a B&W illustration by Andrew called “Desired Lines and Shirts So Fine”. It had the perfect bitchin bajas vibe so I dropped some colors and text on and what resulted was a collab for the ages.
13. Sally Schofield @ham_sanguish
The only Inspo I provided for this flyer was “person reading a newspaper” and she took it into this magical realm. Sally is an incredible illustrator in her own right but her latest works are tending towards minimal, colorful, poignant design and we are INTO IT.
14. Laurel Hoffer @ponydong666
Some may think we were taking a risk by asking Laurel (who is known for pornographic collage) to do this grant-sponsored show flyer. Imagine the folks at Boston Foundation flipping through files to find their name exploding out of someone’s shaved pubus… could’ve been bad. But Laurel walked the fine line with style and grace and I’d say she pulled it off with mucho integrity. Love ya
15. James Greer III
Trey captured the vibe of Dreamscape immaculately with this minimalist, textured design. V Classy thank you Trey
16. Aaron Demuth @noraahtumed
This flyer blew everyone’s mind. I can’t even.. Elvis would be proud. We still have some available for purchase if you want an epic screen-printed version for your wall at home
17. David Owen Beyers @flying_blood_comix
David’s gross demon monsters never cease to warm my heart. We found David because he picked up the Compass at a truck stop on the high way and started submitting comics to the back page. Thank god because this dude rules
18. Sean Watroba @thankyou_sean
If the pained, anguish faces in Sean’s illustrations are derived from some aspect of his own personality, he conceals it well because he is the sweetest most professional human of all time. It is a joy to work with Sean and also give him all my money at Black Market.
19. Paula Rebellato @tactilehallucination
First international flyer collab!! Paula (from the band RAKTA… look it up) lives in Brazil but allowed me to color all over her unique whimsical illustration from afar and for that we are eternally grateful.
20. Emma Rickert @ekrickert
Cosmic space booty! I was stunned by the imagination of this flyer. Emma also is one of my fave font artists and her Insta captions have me lolling on a daily basis.
21. Zoard Tyeklar @tyeklazoard
Zoard’s unique style has been crucial in helping us craft our Hassle aesthetic and he is the tippy toppest dog in the screen print game. We love Zoard and his yearly calendars help us schedule our whole lives so thank you.
22. James Wells @snailbiff
Who else would conceive of a flyer where a giant beast has shaved the band names into his own hairy chest? James is clearly on another level. Go see his art in person at 1369 Coffeehouse in Inman Sq till the end of January.
  23. Jen McMahon @bigeyesquarehead
Jen is our master artist for all of our crucial BLACK MARKET flyers. They are always incredible but this is my fave one that she has done yet . Slightly festive, but in a dark death way. She is forever posi and supportive of the cause. <3<3

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