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Top 12 Months of 2012: Just Two Person’s Perspective


Hey there everybody we’re back with another year end list
brought to you by Whitehaus Family Record?? I Mean . . . ( ‘Just Two Person’s Perspectives: Bagel + Bagel)


January started so spiritual, returning home from the first Knight Howls tour to play Sam Potrykus’ birthday show a Weirdo Records. Arkm Foam (that’s me, solo) and a wonderful set by Gracious Calamity !!!
Later that month, Kate and others at The Whitehaus were putting the finishing touches
on the new Whitehaus vinyl comp (Are You In Paradise?) and planning the release show.

YAY! We got the records and had the best release show of all time! Over 30 Whitehaus acts played 2 minute sets
back to back to back at JP’s Spectacle spread over 3 stages. Including skype-projected performances from other coast and countries.
Feb was also home to memorable Flex Fest (one of the last shows at flandrew’s place) and X Fest (Walter Wright / Lowell’s annual ‘random’ paring improv showcase . . Kate and I’s first year participating!… we’re coming back in 2013 and forever!)


Is always a special month! Home to Whitehaus’ 5th annual artist showcase ‘BLASTFEST’ always at the Cambridge YMCA theater. It Never gets old, even though we do . . . . March also saw the destruction of the wall that divided our haus’ basement ,, ,, giving us way more space than ever to rock freely. Flopera awards at Flandrew’s place was also of great note, a brilliant and inspiring event!! March is also Kate’s and my anniversary month and we decided to go on tour together through Canada and the Northeast. Great memories and stories we can share 🙂

April was great. Snowdrops passing, and daffodils/tulips rising at The Whitehaus garden. We distinctly remember RAW MEET THE FEST (plus the pre meet at whitehaus!). It was an epic three day lyfe altering time curated by total banger ‘Mark Johnson’. Oh Buddy Boy! I quote Ben Hersey’s set from that weekend like everyday.

You won’t soon forget it if you were there . . . Knight Howls and Hunnie Bunnies tour kick off show in the middle of a tropical storm at ‘Abandoned Bear Cages 2’ in Franklin Park. Rotten Apples, id m theft able, Ben Hersey, Chris North, Wright/Lak/Pensado, Witch Wolf, Foom, Gracious Calamity, Hurricanes of Love, and So so SO many more played in the pouring rain under a huge and ramshackle just built tent city. A triumph in coordination with Mother Nature! Kate and I both finished watching Roseanne this month, what a great series. 🙂

Peace, Loving spent almost the entire month recording the backing trax for our upcoming double LP (still putting the finishing touches on it, out in 2013 4 sure!).
It was great. Kate and I drove over and met Pancho and Morgan in ‘The Grove’ in West Roxbury as a daily routine. We fired up the huge mixing board that was donated to us from a club in Nantucket and spent the entire month ripping the backing tracks for about 30 different tunes. Produced by the moral lion Morgan Shaker inside his old house surrounded by puddingstone and Italian inspired gardens.

Kate and I parted ways and while Gracious Calamity was on a 3-week tour of the Eastern US, I stayed home and started new groups (Bang! Bros., Farm Hands, etc)
and can remember some fine shows at the Haus including the Duck That CD release show with 16 bands, and Lil Howlin Wolf hanging around for the weekend. I was also paid to play at the SMFA for new prospective students and their parents. . . I brought Shane-Don and we freaked the squares.

Summer fruit is still bustin. Kate and I spent a great week at her family’s annual reunion in Vermont and had a blast at her brother Joey and Noosha’s wedding. Congrats!!! Woodstock took over our lives otherwise and we were swimming happily on top of mountains of city bureaucracy and lists of hundreds of performers and their time slots. A weekend with the Skinny Vinny boys heading up to Maine to play Frantasia at the end of the month is all I’ll ever need for a bachelor party, So much Fun Love You Guys! What a heavenly vacation!

All I can really remember is that tour I went on through Canada with Joey Salami and Frank Hurricane. I don’t think you could ever have a better time out with the boys. Great shows, great times, great vibes. Love those Kalyniuks!!! Ann Arbor was so much fun!!!

Everybody knows October was insane! We were ‘raided’ by the police, sadly lost our favorite feline friend, and Hurricane Sandy chopped down a potentially amazing outdoor event, BUT!!! Many new things were birthed as well! When space is opened on this planet, it will become filled again, and at The Whitehaus we are still primed to keep putting positivity where it needs to be. Frosts come and turn plants brown but their seeds drift into the winds and find home and newly soaked spring ground. See you soon!

Kate and I decide to spend the rest of our lives together! 🙂 🙂 Whitehaus Thanksgiving #6, a 40lb Vermontster turkey B.Law and I smoked all day. A performance by Frank Hurricane that proves we can still host music at The Whitehaus post ‘raid’, and what a surprise visit by DJ SLICE!!!! He’d eat THERE on Thanksgiving. My plate was bigger than most Massachusetts mountains.

DECEMBER – Mark and I break the record on 12-12-12!!! What a day I will never forget. Also my new album will be released on vinyl by a label (to be announced soon!), my very first vinyl full length!!!!

The year ended with such a great hang at Whitehaus. A documentation gathering party where we assembled over 100GB of Whitehausian info: scans of old articles, album art, one off’s, zines, chap books, pictures, etc. Heavy Scrapbooking. And we ate lots of different kinds of pork! Thanks Uncle Shoe for shooting 500 pictures! WOWIEEEE!

Kate and I just escaped the city to spend the new years in together in Truro, MA. I’ve never been so excited for another year with ya’ll, this’ll prove to be the best year yet!
Stay Cool. Let’s Jam.

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