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Tiberius and the Art of Sonic Vulnerability


© Brendan Wright. From front to back: Brendan Wright (they/he), Christian Pace (he/him), Ben Curell (he/him), Kelven Polite (he/him)


Under the moniker of Tiberius, Boston-based musician Brendan Wright has been playing music for years, shifting from their roots in Vermont down through New York, and eventually into Massachusetts.

Initially a solo artist, Wright began collaborating with other musicians as their style evolved. They are currently joined by Christian Pace, Ben Curell, and Kelven Polite. When it comes to making music — acoustic indie rock with a dash of psychedelia — the change has transformed their process. “When I started playing with my live band last year, the songs immediately became more dynamic and explosive. Now, I turn to my band for feedback on arrangements and compositions before starting to record them,” Wright says.

Wright’s interest in playing guitar began in middle school, with an inevitable future in music, starting with the formation of their first band, Breaking Vinyl. Wright attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, with a focus on classical music, however shifted away from the formalities into the infinite depths of the philosophical and literary worlds. This combination has been a major contributing factor to the layers of meaning that can be found in their songs.

Lyrically, Wright gravitates towards compositions that uncover the sense of vulnerability felt when one is working through sustained, introspective reflection. “As I’ve started to pursue Tiberius as a more serious project, I often find myself conflating the success, or the likability of the music and performance with the project’s inextricable ties to my personal identity [and] it’s something I try to keep myself in check about,” they say.

Wright takes the challenges that come with trying to stay present and being a DIY musician as an opportunity to lean into the irrefutable talents of his management partner and bandmates. This dream-team collaboration has led to a more collective writing process, focused on substance and process rather than product.

In the future, Tiberius can be found touring the Northeast with Trash Rabbit and Moon by Moon (DC), catching shows at O’Briens’, and wrapping up an album are on the horizon.

As for final thoughts for our readers? “With infinite content to choose from, thanks for taking some time to invest in your local Boston community,” Wright says. “I hope that you’re doing something that engages you creatively, and that you find yourself present in its process rather than focusing on its outcome!”


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