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This Week In Experimental: Volume 67


Hello Experimenters!


Teaching last week was amazing! I continue to be amazed by my students’ enthusiasm and willingness to experiment in class. I wish I could say I succeeded in my 30 minutes of work mini-challenge, but hopefully I can make up the time once my students are in project mode. How did you do?


Just a heads up: I’ll be away next week doing some filmmaker type things with Cucalorus & Working Films. I’ll be back in your inbox in two weeks. Send me things to post!


In solidarity,



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Emergency Funds

Artist Relief Project

AFC Emergency Financial Aid

FCA Bridge Fund

Rauschenberg Medical Emergency Grants

Filmmaker’s Guide To Applying For US Coronavirus Federal Relief

Emergency Resources for Artists and Freelancers

Artist Rescue Trust

COVID-19 Funding for Artists in New England

Artist Relief Tree

BridgeSong Fund

PCA COVID-19 NEA Emergency Grants


Calls for Entry

IFFR Deadline September 22nd
Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival Earlybird September 24th

World Cyanotype Day 2021 due September 25th

Call Out to Curators for FAB Festival 2022 due September 26th

FONLAD 2021 due September 30th

Revart Vertical Experience 2021 due September 30th

Recess: Critical Writing due September 30th
RISC due September 30th

EURASIA PHOTO CONTEST due September 30th

Biennale della Fotografia Femminile due September 30th

SPLICE Film Fest Early Bird Deadline September 30th

Moinho Cine Fest due September 30th

Orphans 2022: Counter-Archives due October 1st

Film Diary: NYC Festival of Home Video and Personal Documentary due October 1st

Analog Cookbook: Special Edition due October 1st

Outsider 2022 due October 1st

Primal Disposition due October 2nd

San Francisco International Film Festival Early Deadline October 5th

Political Statement due October 7th

TONDO: Round Works due October 4th

Wintertide Light Art Experience 2021 due October 10th

DIAMETRALE Early Birds October 11th

Tarkovsky Revisited due October 15th

Images Festival due October 15th

Thomas Edison Film Festival Regular Deadline October 15th

Visibility & Remembrance: Standing with the Trans* Community due October 20th

The Norfolk Way Art Trail due October 20th

ESMoA Video Art + Film Festival: BLUE/S! Regular Deadline October 23rd

VII nodoCCS Video Festival 2021 due October 30th

Online Featured Photographer 2021 due October 31st

apexart NYC – Exhibition Proposals due October 31st

Braziers International Film Festival Early Bird Deadline October 31st

Experiments in Cinema Regular Deadline November 1st

DIAMETRALE Almost Early Birds November 5th

Visions du Réel Deadline No. 1 November 8th

San Francisco International Film Festival Regular/Final Deadline November 9th

Ribalta Experimental Film Festival Regular Deadline November 10th

Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival Regular Deadline November 26th

Visions du Réel Deadline No. 2 December 17th

SPLICE Film Fest Regular Deadline December 24th

Braziers International Film Festival Regular Deadline January 30th

World Channel Nonfiction

Millennium Film Journal

Exploding Cinema           

Joker Joker TV


Open Residencies & Fellowships

Sauerbier House artist in residence program due September 27th

Fort Union National Monument Residency due September 30th

Lighthouse Works Fellowships due October 1st

Usine Utopik due October 3rd

Artist in Residence Witte Rook due October 4

Enclave Land Art Residency due October 10th

Greenbox Artist in Residence due October 15th

VisArts Next Generation Studio Fellowship 2022 due November 1st

Nes Artist Residency

The Loisaida Center Emerging Artist Residency

SomoS Berlin Virtual Artist Residency


Open Funds

Black Public Media due October 1st

F.E.A.S.T. at VisArts 2021 MUTUAL AID due October 1st

2022 Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship due October 4th

Foundwork Artist Prize due October 10th

Southern Documentary Fund Filmmaking Grant due October 15th

Catapult Development Grant

The Photodom Grant Program

Black Artists Grant (UK)


Boston Opportunity Funds



Things to Watch

Remains to be Streamed, IG Live (Ongoing, Tuesdays 8PM PT)

One Day Pina Asked… (September 15th – 21st)

Maya Deren: Dance on Camera (September 22nd – 28th)

Artists’ Film International (September 1st – 30th)

A Broken Mirror Still Reflects (September 1st – 30th)

DOBRA 2021 (Sept 6 – 30)

Adrift: Alejandro Alonso Estrella (September 25th – 30th)

‘A Subjective Reality’ A performance by Isabel Fredeus (September 2nd – October 2nd)

Feelings Are Facts: The Life of Yvonne Rainer (September 29th – October 5th)

Crossroads 2021 (September 17th – October 21st)

Strangelove (September 1st – November 31st)

Micro (Sept 24th & October 4th)

KIN THEORY: New Work in Indigenous Media (September 24th 4PM ET)

Archiving Through People: Barbara Hammer (September 30th 7PM ET)

Trans Cinema: An Incomplete History (October 3rd 2pm ET)

Screening No. 5: Five Films by Andrés Baron

Art on Abolition


Things to Read

Article/Essay: ‘Sometimes, it’s shocking’: Raoul Peck on his bold new colonialism series

Book Recommendation: Ayiti by Roxane Gay

Poem: Extract from The Migration of Walls by James Noël


Haitian lives are Black lives, and they matter.


Things to Do

Assignment: Have friends/family/comrades in IATSE? Reach out. Ask them how they feel right now. Find out how you can support them. If they have asks, send them this way so this community can stand in solidarity with them. Are you a member? Let us know how we can support your struggle for better conditions. Don’t know anyone? Check out @ia_stories on Instagram.

Journal: Let’s make lists! What are the experimental films/videos/projects you have been meaning to watch? Maybe you’ve already got a running list written/typed somewhere. Pick something off of it this week and give it a watch.

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