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This Week in Experimental Vol 79


Hello Experimenters!

I hope this message finds you warm, healthy, and safe. This week, my students are getting into the real content of our coursework together after two weeks of setting the terms of our semester and getting some introductory work out of the way. I always get nervous when you get here, but it’s really the fun part of teaching. I’m looking forward to seeing where inquiry leads them on their artistic journey and how that manifests in their work.

What are you excited-nervous about?

In solidarity,


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Emergency Funds

Boston Opportunity Fund 5.0 due January 28th
Help for renters
GIG Fund
Springboard for the arts
Africa Creative Defence Network
Coronavirus Resource & Response Center
Coronavirus Resource Kit
CERF+ Emergency Assistance
Artists’ Fellowship Inc.
COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resource
Hurricane Ida Relief Resources
Artist Relief Project
AFC Emergency Financial Aid
FCA Emergency Grants
Rauschenberg Medical Emergency Grants
Filmmaker’s Guide To Applying For US Coronavirus Federal Relief
Emergency Resources for Artists and Freelancers
Artist Rescue Trust
COVID-19 Funding for Artists in New England
Artist Relief Tree
BridgeSong Fund

Calls For Entry

Expanded Photography due January 25th
Cinalfama Medium Deadline January 27th
Gilman Square Public Art RFQ due January 28th
Kolkata Indie Film Awards Regular Deadline January 30th
Mind – be here, present / be here now due January 30th
Little Islands: Communality due January 30th
Braziers International Film Festival Regular Deadline January 30th
Analog Forever Magazine due January 31st
Brewers Towner International due January 31st
Biennale College Musica 2022 due January 31st
Kunstraum Lakeside Statements due January 31st

Neoteric Abstract X due January 31st
ASIFA East Animated Film Festival due January 31st
Brewers Towner International due January 31st
International Ecoperformance Festival due January 31st
dresdner schmalfilmtage Regular Deadline January 31st
MIA Journal Open Call due February 1st
Milwaukee Underground Film Festival Regular Deadline February 1st
Chicago Underground Film Festival Earlybird Deadline February 1st
Bethesda Film Festival Regular Deadline February 1st
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen On-Site Competitions due February 1st
Black Public Media Call for Short Films due February 2nd
Syntrophy Vol 2 due February 4th
Feral Neighbourhoods due February 7th
Barcelona International Short Film Festival Earlybird Deadline February 7th
Little Islands Festival Regular Deadline February 10th
Alternate Realities due February 11th
Diartlog due February 18th
Videoart.Ist International Regular Deadline February 27th
Delaplaine Arts Center Emerging Artists Exhibition due February 28th
Edinburgh Short Film Festival Earlybird Deadline February 28th
BAA Artist Prize General Deadline February 28th
Hiroshima Animation Season Regular Deadline February 28th
Camden International Film Festival Earlybird Deadline February 28th
Split Videoart Festival Regular Deadline March 1st
Fracto Film Encounter due March 1st
City of West Hollywood’s Multicultural Holiday Artwork due March 2nd
Prix Ars Electronica due March 2nd
S+T+ARTS Prize 2022 due March 2nd
Chicago Underground Film Festival Regular Deadline March 5th
Hewlett 50 Arts Commissions due March 8th
Coney Island Film Festival Regular Deadline March 11th
Pittsburg State University Gallery Proposals due March 11th
Delaplaine Arts Center National Juried Exhibition due March 27th
FESTIVAL ECRÃ Final Deadline March 27th
Camden International Film Festival Regular Deadline March 28th
Lacuna Festivals due March 31st
Archives of the Future: Open, Sustainable and Equitable due March 31st
ANIMAPHIX International Animated Film Festival Final Deadline March 31st
Open Call Fresh Legs 2022 due March 31st
Animatter Earlybird Deadline April 30th
Laterale Film Festival Regular Deadline April 30th
Ibrida 2022 due May 1st
Barcelona International Short Film Festival Regular Deadline May 2nd
Future Places due May 4th
Edinburgh Short Film Festival Regular Deadline May 16th
Persian Experimental Film Festival Early Deadline June 30th
Animatter Regular Deadline June 30th
Persian Experimental Film Festival Regular Deadline July 27th
World Channel Nonfiction
Millennium Film Journal
Exploding Cinema
Joker Joker TV

Open Residencies and Fellowships

Chatsworth Residency due January 25th
Immersive Arts Residency due January 24th
Moscow International Biennale for Young Art due January 28th
AIR Arvika due January 31st
Impossible Perspectives Lab due January 31st
Petrohradská kolektiv AiR due January 31st
Shenandoah National Park Artist-in-Residence due January 31st
Wave Farm Residency due February 1st
reACT due February 1st
SAC International Curatorial Residency due February 1st
AiR: Radar Sofia May Session due February 1st
Liquitex AiR due February 4th
Albany Creative Justice Art Project due February 8th
Sharjah Art Foundation Production Programme due February 10th
Sundance: Producers Track due February 10th
MacDowell due February 10th
New Contemporaries due February 14th
BVAC MediaMaker Fellowship due February 15th
Hybrida AiR due February 15th
Osmosis Films due February 28th
Points North Fellowship Earlybird Deadline February 28th
AiR: Radar Sofia June Session due March 1st
Roswell Artist-in-Residence due March 15th
Points North Fellowship Regular Deadline March 28th
Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary AiR due March 31st
AiR: Radar Sofia September/October Session due May 31st
Elephant Lab Digital Residency
ArtVendome: Artist in Residence
Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund (Monthly)
Nes Artist Residency
The Loisaida Center Emerging Artist Residency
SomoS Berlin Virtual Artist Residency
Mentoring and Coaching for Creatives

Open Funds

First Grants for Arts Projects due February 10th
ITVS due February 11th
LIFT Production and Post-Production Support Grant 2022 due February 28th
F.E.A.S.T. at VisArts 2022 MUTUAL AID due March 4th
Innovate Grant due March 24th
Moon and Stars Project Grants due April 15th
Second Grants for Arts Projects due July 2nd
The Photodom Grant Program
Black Artists Grant
Boston Opportunity Funds
Artist Support Pledge

Things to Watch

Remains to be Streamed, IG Live (Ongoing, Tuesdays 8PM PT)
Burnt 3.8 (January 18 – 30)
3 shorts by Alex Rivera (January 1-31)
The Persistence of Resistance (January 19 – February 1)
Facing the Movement: Crossing/Invading/ Stopping (January 6 – February 6)
NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium (January 25 7PM ET)
Finding Your Vision in the Editing Room (January 27th 1PM ET)
James River Short Film Showcase (January 28th 7PM ET)
A Comedy of Sabotage
Simple Cyanotype Video For Schools
International Video Art Festival Now & After

Things to Read

Article/Essay: Black, Bold and Queer: Celebrating the Legacy of Marlon Riggs by Thomas Allen Harris
Book Recommendation: Art is Work (free PDF)
Poem: Sorrow Is Not My Name by Ross Gay

Things to Do
Assignment: So far this year, I’ve asked you to make some goals, inventory your projects, make task lists for each of those projects, and sequence those tasks. That’s so much work! Great job if you’ve been following long, and if you aren’t there’s still plenty of time to catch up–the year is young. Sit with those lists now and highlight/circle/mark which are the items where you think you’ll need help. Help is a broad category. It can be technical, but it can also just mean support or feedback.

Journal: What’s one small thing you can do every day this week to care for yourself? It can be as practical as cleaning up your bedroom, as luxurious as lighting a candle with your favorite scent, or as indulgent as making sure you have your favorite snack food within reach during your hangry time.

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