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This Week In Experimental Vol 72


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Hello Experimenters!

I’m busy helping out with the Centre Film Festival this week, which you can check out in person or stream. I’m really excited to virtually host some of my favorite filmmakers in my Intermediate Alternative Production course including Lynne Sachs, Kelly Gallagher, and Hogan Seidel. If you decide to stop by, be sure to say hello.

Good luck out there,

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Emergency Funds
Arts Leaders of Color Emergency Fund
Help for renters
GIG Fund
Springboard for the arts
Africa Creative Defence Network
Coronavirus Resource & Response Center
Coronavirus Resource Kit
CERF+ COVID-19 Relief Grant
CERF+ Emergency Assistance
Artists’ Fellowship Inc.
COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resource
Hurricane Ida Relief Resources
Studio Relief Program
Artist Relief Project
AFC Emergency Financial Aid
FCA Bridge Fund
FCA Emergency Grants
Rauschenberg Medical Emergency Grants
Filmmaker’s Guide To Applying For US Coronavirus Federal Relief
Emergency Resources for Artists and Freelancers
Artist Rescue Trust
COVID-19 Funding for Artists in New England
Artist Relief Tree
BridgeSong Fund
PCA COVID-19 NEA Emergency Grants

Calls for Entry
WHAT IS ART lll due November 2nd
BBBank Newcomer Projection Mapping due November 2nd
New Talents 2021 due November 2nd
4th Annual Women Artists Art Competition due November 5th
DIAMETRALE Almost Early Birds November 5th
Videoart.Ist International Early Deadline November 6th
“Autumn Themed” Visual Arts Competition due November 7th
Exceptional Abstractions due November 7th
Citrus TV: Dreams due November 8th
Passepartout Photo Prize Earlybird Deadline November 8th
​​Fortopia due November 8th
Visions du Réel Deadline No. 1 due November 8th
San Francisco International Film Festival Regular/Final Deadline November 9th
Color: Photography Now due November 10th
YICCA International Prize of Contemporary Art due November 10th
Ribalta Experimental Film Festival Regular Deadline November 10th
SLAP-BANG! due November 11th
Art North International 27 due November 14th
TSA Philadelphia: Open Call 2022 due November 15th
5th Biennial Wings & Water due November 15th
​​2023 Flaherty Film Seminar Programmer due November 15th
Walk With Us due November 15th
Royal Cambrian Annual Open Exhibition due November 15th
Women Artists United due November 17th
EXPO 41 due November 22nd
Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival Regular Deadline November 26th
Post-digital Landscapes due November 29th
the 8 fest due November 30th
Laterale Film Festival Second Deadline November 30th
Antenna :: Inter(national) Open Call 2022 due November 30th
PROYECTOR2022 due November 30th
Belfast Photo Festival Early Bird Deadline November 30th
Still Life II due November 30th
Media Monsters due November 30th
Videoart.Ist International Early Deadline November 30th
Memorial María Luisa due December 1st
The Uncanny due December 1st
Figures & Faces Art Exhibition due December 1st
Analog Cookbook Issue 5 due December 15th
Louisiana Biennial: National Juried Exhibition due December 6th
VAO Art Prize due December 15th
Visions du Réel Deadline No. 2 December 17th
SPLICE Film Fest Regular Deadline December 24th
Cinalfama Christmas Deadline December 27th
Laterale Film Festival Third Deadline December 31st
Big Sky Pitch due December 31st
Extraordinary Works – All Media – Open Theme due January 2nd
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen Online Competitions due January 3rd
Coney Island Film Festival Earlybird Deadline January 7th
Passepartout Photo Prize Submission Deadline January 14th
Cinalfama Medium Deadline January 27th
Braziers International Film Festival Regular Deadline January 30th
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen On-Site Competitions due February 1st
Little Islands Festival Regular Deadline February 10th
Videoart.Ist International Regular Deadline February 27th
Coney Island Film Festival Regular Deadline March 11th
Laterale Film Festival Regular Deadline April 30th
World Channel Nonfiction
Millennium Film Journal
Exploding Cinema
Joker Joker TV

Open Residencies & Fellowships
Silence Awareness Existence due November 4th
Boston Ujima Project due November 5th
Documentary Magazine Editorial Fellowship due November 5th
Solo Lab 5: Performance Artists due November 5th
Performance AIRspace Residency due November 7th
Baxter St Residency due November 8th
Zaratan AiR due November 10th
Technearte Residency due November 11th
2022 Arts Center Residency due November 12th
A.I.R. Fellowship Program due November 15th
Studio Residency Grant due November 15th
Nawat Fes due November 15th
Tankwa Artscape Residency due November 15th
A.I.R. Fellowship due November 15th
Dry Tortugas National Park Residency due November 15th
Cité internationale des arts residencies programme due November 15th
ENGAGING ARTISTS due November 17th
Immersions 2022 due November 17th
The Fleur and Charles Bresler Artist Residency due November 19th
The Artist Studio Program due November 20th
Repairing the Present due November 21st
Collide Residency Award due November 22nd
Connecting Communities Digital Initiative due November 22nd
Akademie Schloss Solitude due November 30th
Artist Residency Huet Repolt due December 1st
Jan van Eyck Residencies 2022/2023 due December 1st
Plyspace Residency due December 1st
Da Vinci Residency Program due December 1st
Fields of the Future Fellowships, 2022–23 due December 6th
MacDowell due February 10th
Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund (Monthly)
Nes Artist Residency
The Loisaida Center Emerging Artist Residency
SomoS Berlin Virtual Artist Residency
Mentoring and Coaching for Creatives

Open Funds
International Collaboration Fund due November 4th
Catapult Research Grant due November 15th
The Miller / Packan Film Fund due November 15th
MMM AR Accelerator due November 15th
Creative Spark Residency Programme 2022 due November 19th
Catapult Development Grant due November 30th
Lightpress Grants due November 30th
New Work New England due December 6th
En Foco Media Arts Work in Progress Fund 2022 due December 20th
Spark Fund Application 2021 due December 29th
​​Barbara Hammer Lesbian Experimental Filmmaking Grant due January 14th
F.E.A.S.T. at VisArts 2022 MUTUAL AID due March 4th
The Hopper Prize
The Photodom Grant Program
Black Artists Grant
Boston Opportunity Funds
Artist Support Pledge

Things to Watch
Remains to be Streamed, IG Live (Ongoing, Tuesdays 8PM PT)
Media Monsters (Ongoing, Thursdays 8PM PT)
Prism (October 27th – November 2nd)
Figure Minus Fact (October 21st – November 4th)
What Everyone Gets (October 29th – November 7th)
In the Street and Figure and I (November 3rd – 9th)
Burnt 3.3 (November 1st – 14th)
Strangelove (September 1st – November 31st)
Elisa Giardina-Papa: New Labor (November 4th 12PM PT)
Inside a Grant or Residency Panel Process (November 4th 7PM ET)
We Mix Techniques (November 6th 6PM BCN)
Underground Movies Program 1: A Hollow Earth (November 7th 7 PM ET)

Things to Read
Article/Essay: Gloria Chung Discusses Memory, Non-places, and Diary Filmmaking
Interview by Nick Ramsay
Book Recommendation: Jazz by Toni Morrison
Poem: All the Dead Boys Look Like Me by Christopher Soto

Things to Do
Assignment: Check out your journal entry from last week and choose one step off of that list toward tackling whatever that thing you’ve been meaning to get to might be.

Journal: Imagine what your perfect working day would look like. Try to schedule it out. What time would you wake up? How much time would you spend working on a given project? Or tidying up your space? Or cleaning out your inbox? Maybe schedule out a perfect week.

This post does not have the links. Please visit Gabby’s website to find the hyperlinked version. Please also considering supporting Boston Hassle’s Fundraiser Today

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