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This Space for Rent—Help Feature Local Art on This Website!


Do you see the image right above these words? That was hand-drawn by a local artist (Mikie Poland, for the record). And do you see the masthead image above that, which also says Boston Hassle? That too was drawn by a local artist (Caitlin Duennebier). We here at the Hassle are dying to feature more artists like these fine folks and to fill every nook and cranny of white space on this website with interesting art from Boston and beyond.

But, dear reader, who will find these artists and connect them with our web team? Who will turn the four corners of this screen into a canvas limited only by imagination (and pixel count)? Could it be you? (Hint: We want it to be you.)

If you’re a well-connected artist or art groupie and want to mold this site in (quite literally) your own image, get in touch with us! Every single image on this site layout and in the Boston Compass newspaper are made 100% from scratch by the kinds of people who visit this site daily and participate in D.I.Y. culture. Who wouldn’t want to get to know these people? If you’re studying art, web design, or something related, we can offer internship credit if that’s a deal you want to make. Fill out our contact form and get in touch about being our web art coordinator!

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