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The Year In Road Food By Wilted Woman


WILTED WOMAN splits her time between Berlin and Providence while making far out and body vibrating electronic music. We’re big fans here @ the Hassle and look forward to WW bringing more of IT in the new year!

January… Mostly stayed home.
February… Got stuck in a blizzard between Boone and Baltimore. Ate a lot of Slim Jims — still good. Also had my first Doritos locos taco (not great). Sunshine Biscuits in Chapel Hill— still good. Fish from Jeff Zagers and Xerome in Savannah- thanks!
March… Lots of Dunkin Donuts and La Lupita extra extra carnitas tacos.
April… Burger King at rest stops with varying degrees of success and amazing pesto from Bastian Hagedorn.
May… Pizza from DJ Shlucht.
June… Lasagna across the street from bcr— very good!
July… More pizza at Lokomov unofficial 4th of july party!
August… BBQ under the bridge then BBQ at ohm for party with small but hard friends. BBQ forever
September… Stoughton MA Ikea meatballs were a highlight of this month. Also, Slim Jims.
October… 7-11 bacon flavored popcorn. Making a lot of onion soup (very affordable).
November… Thanksgiving-themed sandwiches in Boston. Experimented with weird Burger King “chicken fries” promotion.
December… DJ Dilf and I tried and failed to locate a Popeyes in New England. Had a lot of Bagel Gourmet burritos so far. This month isn’t over yet but I think I will eat at home until next year.

– Wilted Woman

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