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SHOP LOCAL OR GET BIT - 12/7 @ Cambridge Elks Lodge 12-6pm... the bar will be OPEN



AC Looks Curated retro fashion
Alchemic Intuition Tarot Readings, Information Handouts.
Alex Leigh illustration Illustration art prints
Allison Tanenhaus Street-art cat, glitch, and typographic stickers, buttons, postcards, prints, and totes
Art for the End Times – Hand-felted pins, barrettes, and ornaments from roving wool – Hand-sown felt stockings for people & pets – Prints, patches, and zines with anarchist, queer, and Jewish themes; “Bracha for the End Times”; “Career Paths for Young Professionals In a Dying World” and more! – Hand-made Banners with short lefty phrases: ACAB; GET FREE, A [for anarchy] – Hand-made puppets from paper mache and acrylic paint – Hand-made felt Hanukkah Calendars with Menorah and Velcro candles
Artificial Distro Used vinyl
Beacon Craft Studio My name is Meredith Clark and I founded Beacon Craft Studio in 2019. As a queer person of color who has loved crafting since childhood, I was unsatisfied with the very gendered and white-dominant subculture of “pro” crafting. BCS is currently a one-person operation focusing on handmade leather crafting and fiber arts. I also experiment with restoring and repurposing old clothing, furniture, and household goods with sustainability and accessibility in mind. As a small brand, BCS celebrates the diversity of crafts and creators by highlighting guest artists and pieces, such as zines, prints, paintings, and more. For this flea market, I am teaming up with my roommate Mer Wade who creates zines and collages. Much of my merch is customizable, such as fitting belts and adding initials, which naturally lends itself to demonstrations for anyone interested. Supporting Beacon Craft Studio supports quality creativity and diversity in the crafting world. Thank you.
Blood Moon
Bone Lady Arts Bone art and jewelry
Carmels Creations Illustrations of my daily thoughts, amusements, curiosities, and passions. I work digitally as well as in watercolor and gouache. I love weird animals and plants taking over the world.
Casualigraphy Calligraphy stuff. Pins and stickers.
CBenjamin Art I am a queer artist who creates beautiful colorful fluid art paintings. All of my pieces are rich with color and contrast. I use my extra paint to create upcycled one of a kind jewelry and accessories. Using my extra paint to create beautiful jewelry & accessories lets me be a low waste artist and not have as big of an impact on the environment as other artists. Creating art and jewelry brings me a lot of joy. If I can bring a little bit of my joy into someones life with a painting or a beautiful piece of jewelry then I’ve done with I set out to do.
CHODO! Zines, poems, hand stamp notebooks, illustrative prints, temporary tattoos
Clairvoyant Vintage I sell vintage clothing ranging from the 1890s-1990s, with a special passion for the 60s and 70s.
Cliteral Response – Sarah Campau Art for creative people. Specializing in mixing the old and new, as well as mixing media. What does that mean? I take thrift store paintings and add objects in them. I collage with found pictures. I add to old photographs. I stitch over postcards and found art. I make non-traditional cross stitch, on non-traditional mediums. I think art should be weird, and be made to stand-out. Queer, feminist and political messages. I’ve also been known to create the occasional zine. I’ve been making and selling art for years. I’ve just begun participating in local art shows and starting an internet presence.
CloudKarma Original Art work, prints, sculpture, t-shirts, and more
Designs By Ash Rose handmade original jewelry, patches, and paintings
DEZ3RAE I want to get to know and network with more creatives. This would be a great opportunity to share my shop with more people and get my name out there. I want to sell thrifted/ revamped clothing and accessories. The goal is to keep creativity & the planet alive.
Drowned Town Press Comics, zines, books (mostly comics anthologies), greeting cards (including holiday and holiday-appropriate winter cards), cartoon prints, drink coasters, animation DVDs, original cartoon art
Eat Knit and Dye Handmade project bags, stitch markers, kettle dyed yarn and other accessories for yarners
el Garto’s Rags Cool, rare, collectible vintage clothing form 80s and 90s
Extinction Rebellion Massachusetts Environmental activist group
GASP Collective Multimedia art: Collage, Painting, Block print, Resin Mold, Pressed Flowers, Clothes, Embroidery, Stickers, Herbal Tinctures…
Gracie Makes Things Handmade earrings and thinga
Grhimm’s Corner…. Grhimm Xavier I want to sell my first release of my Buddha Buddies…there are photos on my page as well as my art. Uhhh the Buddha buddy is a project I’ve been working on for the past 3 years. I wanted this market to be the first space I open it up to the public.
Haus of Clover Enamel pins
Here By Choice Here By Choice Zine! It’s a zine about mental health
High Energy Vintage Vintage Clothing, Records, & Ephemera.
Holy Crow Holy Crow is Art, Design, and Evidence of Magic. While best known for handmade jewelry created for the witchpunk lifestyle , we also offer illustration, photography, pins, buttons, patches, zines, and curated ephemera from around the world. This year Holy Crow has been making unique upcycled vintage pieces, remade to be magical and mystical.
Hot Foot Vintage Vintage clothing from the 50s to the 90s and a crate or two of vinyl.
Hungry Ghost Press
James Walsh Artist Drawings, paintings, stickers, prints , T-shirt’s (printed by me), sculptures/figurines. My work is mostly wacky characters, cartoonish and brightly colored
jasmineheyward Hello – I read tarot with two awesome, queer-inclusive decks and create custom sigil art using watercolors and inks. For the tarot, I would offer readings at two levels of complexity (simple 5-card, and a deep dive of 7-10 cards). You can watch one of my simple tarot readings at the twitter link I dropped below, but that account is mostly random fan stuff so I wouldn’t publish it in the guide. For the sigil art I would bring prepped watercolor paintings that are simply color blends (there’s a good example in the runes and sigils highlight on my Instagram) and then design a sigil based on a customer’s need (such as staying calm during stressful work situations). The new sigil would be activated and painted onto an appropriate colored base. If there’s electricity I could bring a hair dryer to dry them right away, but if not I could have the customer come back in 30 or so minutes to pick it up. I would also love to sell zines that explain how to make your own sigil art — I am almost finished with a guide that I was going to put on social but it’d be way better as a print product.
Java_walky Selling vintage merchandise such as close, small furniture, jewelry, accessories, collectibles, some records and video games, and other fun stuff! I just love collecting vintage things that inspire me, and I’m told I have great taste! To accommodate my love of collecting and making new friends I’d love to sell with you! My references are the Davis sq vintage market. I sold there 3 times last summer.
Just Another Bad Artist I sell pins, prints, postcards, and other art related things!
Kelly McNulty Comics, zines, stickers, prints, pins
Kenahora Occult goods, embroidered amulets, leather altar and tarot supplies. Occasionally supplementing with festive vintage clothing and home goods.
Liquidated Brains
Lisa Lang Art I make silly, fun and sometimes gross visual art of many different types. I have prints and cards of some of my paintings and drawings, along with some small original works. I will also be selling handmade coasters and refrigerator magnets. Work can be found on my website at and my Etsy page, Instagram updated regularly @lisalangart
Little Beach Embroidery Hand embroidered patches, clothes, pasties, magnets, and more!
Mark’s Crap Vintage clothes, patches, pins, cassettes, records, etc
Marx Jacobs Twas the night before the Boston Hassle Flea, when all through the Elks not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The merch was made by a lasercutter with care, in hopes that Marx Jacobs soon would vend there. The punks were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of dancing bears danced in their heads. I make fashion accessories and homewares using a laser cutter. I try to express the anxieties of consumer culture in form, while embracing the preoccupations of popular and countercultures in subject matter. A combination of digital fabrication and handicraft techniques allows me to create objects that would make users of Pinterest dream of their Myspace days.
Mass Love Distro Zines, books, CDs, tapes, records, pins, patches, T-shirts
Moon Hex Vintage Vintage clothes and small antiques / jewelry! Xmas and holiday themed
MOONDROPS Sell beaded jewelry, take custom orders
Pity Hug Comics comics, patches, pins, shirts, prints, cards, etc.
Pizza Pranks Video Game Cafe I’ll be selling indie games (both physical and digital) made by creators from the MA area. Redemption codes for the digital games are printed on the back of old nonfunctional floppy disks. I’ll also have zines about the current Boston indie games scene and the history of Boston are game development.
PuppySEEDS Hi there, I make/sell original visual artwork. This includes acrylic on refurbished,trash picked wood of various sizes- often combined with resin glazes. I stamp hand-carved prints. My work often focuses on the mammalian experience in all of its torturous glory. I may sell handpainted cards at this market too. Ive been a vendor at previous Black Markets and would love to join ya’ll again.
rat church i sell fiber art, illustrations, and jewelry/ritual objects made from sustainably sourced animal remains.
RAT Glass Hand blown glass: ornaments, pendents, earrings, tea cups, terrariums, plant pots, pipes, various other trinkets and accessories
Rat King Collective Our art is crafted with multi media. We are hoping to provide custom printed upcycled clothing, stickers and original art works/prints, terrariums and jewelery. The online example includes many of our clothing and traditional art pieces. If need be we can provide images of our other prospective items we intend to sell at our table I.E. terrairums, paintings, jewelery, etc.
Retcon Crafts We make repurposed crafts using old comics and magazines, including but not limited to handmade lighters, flasks, mugs, money clips and more. We also make handknit goods like dice bags, pouches, and faux plants like succulents and cacti!
Rich Wentworth/SPY ISLAND INDUSTRIES Handmade silkscreened art prints, patches, posters and clothing.
Robert Sergel I’m a cartoonist & illustrator in Cambridge. I draw a comic book series called Eschew. Some of my books are professionally published and others are handmade.
Ruined Records Art I take old/damaged vinyl records and upcycle them to make art using acrylic paints, spray paints and stencils.
Sanctuary Jewels (FKA Paradox Sanctum) We are Sanctuary Jewels. Our works channel the world around us, particularly mysticism and nature. These thoughts are captured in the form of jewelry, sculpture and paintings. Many of our pieces incorporate raw or polished stones and semi-precious gems; capturing the brilliant aura of our world and universe. We use materials such as paint, clay, metal, crystals and other natural curio to create one of a kind surreal art objects.
Sara Capello Illustration I sell a variety of products including art prints, pin back buttons, keychains, zines, and stationery. The content of my work tends to be focused on ducks, plants, and tasty treats!
scooterotica Records, CDs, pins, patches, stickers, clothing and mod scooter-related memorabilia In Addition to the Etsy shop (URL below), I also have an eBay store at: I do not use Instagram
Second Sun Creatives Handmade, upcycled art and jewelry made with antique watch parts, insects, plants, old books and more!
Shane Maxwell Original patches, magnets, jewelry and screen printing. Mineral specimens.
Singing Stones Jewelry I repair or restore antique and vintage pieces and contextualize them historically for people who may want them. For items that cannot be restored or repaired, I take them apart and make them into entirely new pieces. I also create new items utilizing parts purchased from other small businesses. I scour estates, yard sales, and flea markets for things that might otherwise end up in a trash heap. I do the best I can to keep reusable items out of the waste cycle and make art at the same time. My primary materials are sterling silver, gold filled/plated surgical steel, copper, bronze, brass, glass, and a variety of semi precious gems. I am starting a collaboration with a wood turner friend, Tim Rix of RixCraft, to combine the small left over pieces of hardwood from the items he makes and my sterling silver to create one of a kind jewelry. I make or carry earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, cuff links, tie bars, scarves, purses, wine charms and so much more. I will customize what I carry based on the theme of the market managers I work with. If you prefer only handmade pieces then I will bring only handmade piece, etc. Repairs, custom work, and verbal appraisals are available on site.
Sister Suspect Handmade chainmail and leather Jewelry and vintage.
Slimbones I make illustrations, and will be vending lino cut/ink block prints, calendars, stationary, stickers, pins, prints, and maybe a few zines.
Smokeshow Designs Jewelry, adornments, and accessories handmade in Providence m, RI with semi precious materials, as well as hand woven hanging plant holders and painted pots. ** Just wanted to mention that I’ve done this market before with my sister Claire (kenahora amulets) as well as many similar markets in the Providence area, however my branding is new. I know my sister had reached out about my emailing pictures, so I plan on doing that as well. I just wanted to give the heads up so I didn’t seem like overkill, but wanted to give examples of my current work. Thanks!- Shara
Snake Hair Press Zines, posters, and multiples
Surveillance Investments / Luke Einsiedler interesting and new vinyl records of the out-there, esoteric, and punk variety, also homemade pins and vintage sci-fi paperbacks.
The atomic garden Jewelry
Total paranoia & Distracted by Reality I sell vintage clothing & home decor, and a little bit of homemade arts/decor and punk merchandise. I’ll have a little spot for Distracted by Reality, my partners punk music (mostly cassette) distro if you’d rather an Etsy link I have one of those too, it’s just not updated as consistently. the distro is DBRDistro on Storenvy
Triple Yeah Productions/Alexandra Derderian I sell affordable handmade paintings, drawings, prints and pins of psychedelic and nostalgic images including Market Basket bags, Tye-Dye Shirts, and Nautical scenes! I also provide spiritual readings from my lovely puppet, Giraffe! This time I will have multiple puppets with varying personalities for people to choose from!
Two thangs I make custom paintings for people and then I resell those images as prints, pins, coloring books, calendars
Voidspire Manufacturing Laser cut lamps, LED signs, wood engravings, and small trinkets. Engineered, geometric, and futuristic aesthetics.
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