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The Vendors of Black Market 6/28

6/28 @Cambridge Community Center, 10am-4:30pm


Buckle up for our next BLACK MARKET art/zine/record/flea market with Ignore Rock’n’Roll Heroes at the Cambridge Community Center on Sunday, June 28th from 10am-4:30pm.  Located off Western Ave between Central Square and Lower Allston, this’ll be a fair to remember with table after table of secondhand and handmade treasures at real people prices.

If you’re a small business, record label, artist or simply have crap to sell, there is a handful of table spaces still available, so sign up to be a vendor at

Here’s a sampler of what’s to come with links to online shops for perusal incase you can’t make it to the market this time around…

B L A C K   M A R K E T   V E N D O R S


ADORPHEUS // Etsy Shop
I am a musician, fashion designer, Reiki practitioner, and spiritual teacher from the North Shore. My shop is all about cute clothes, jewelry, and accessories inspired by geek culture—for people of all genders! I was featured on MTV’s documentary show “True Life” for my costuming skills and music.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 5.16.01 PM

amadeus magazine is a quarterly arts and culture publication which functions as a space for artists of various disciplines to present their work and express their creativity through an inclusive, easily accessible network of new information, ideas, inspiration, and each other. amadeus communicates the necessity from which it is created: A magazine that doesn’t make any compromises; a vehicle for ideas and concepts; and a tool to investigate what we’re most interested in.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 6.00.30 PM

Equally inspired by Victorian mourning art and memento mori, Blood Moon Jewelry uses coffin nails, ethically sourced bone, crystals, and gold leaf to create uniquely beautiful necklaces and decorations.

Hey, I’m Jonny and I’m a local-area cartoonist. I’ve been doing web cartoons for about 4 years now, and you can check out my strips at (there’s a link to the store and the web comics there). Lately I’ve started printing minis because going to shows and talking to real people is so much more satisfying than watching some online follower-counter ticking up. Plus, minis remind me of the fanzines we used to make in high school! Anyway, I’ll have a new minicomic called The Nowhere Man, which I’m particularly proud of. It’s by far the best thing I’ve ever done. Anyhoo, hope to see you there!


Decadent West loves riding bikes, beers and all things analog. The line is produced by a life-long print media and fabric hoarder with a strong conservationist ethic who screen prints, collages, draws, paints, embroiders and sews. Most garments are carefully sourced second-hand and all are completely unique. Decadent West also takes on freelance jobs and commissions.

DT tinted HQ

We are a record store in Jamaica Plain that stocks new and used contemporary and classic rock / (free) jazz / punk & post-punk / underground / techno / ambient & analog synth / (psych) folk / modern classical / international / blues / funk & soul / psychedelic (hell ride) / tons of great $3 records (2 for $5) / ltd. edition / rare / crazy noise / industrial / metal / reggae / krautrock / japanese psych / garage / rockabilly / novelty / anything really . . . on VINYL / CASSETTE / CD. We also sell books, VHS, DVDs, vintage stereo gear, and a few instruments and accessories here and there. 138-B South Street, Jamaica Plain. Open noon to 8pm every day.


DIRT LUX // Preview here
Dirt Lux is out of Waltham with the tea shelf. Will have lots of drawings and paintings at Black Market for your perusalization. Maybe some vids playing, maybe some clothes (probly not, painting clothes takes a long time). Jason and Aayesha will be hangin’ out at the booth and in a deal-making kind of mood (bonus-round sale specials). If you see something you like, let’s talk about it.



Hi, my name is Mariel and I run Dripping Dream Vintage, an online/in-person/in the third dimension/everywhere else vintage shop with clothes, shoes, and accessories for dudes and babes. My stock runs the gamut, but my favorite decades to source are the ’70s and ’90s. Gonna have things for cheap cheap cheap, so stop by during Black Market and get yourself all suited up for spring!!


IMG_9286 Artist Boards Done
Explore! Skate Co is a skateboard and longboard company based out of Watertown, MA (near Cambridge and Boston). We handcraft our boards from US-sourced maple with the ability to do custom shapes and graphics. We partner with local artists to do work on our boards, which we sell for them on our online store. We’re all about DIY, with our apparel (tees, hoodies, patches) being screen printed in-house. We focus on growing and strengthening the skate community by sponsoring events and getting people to go out and skate as often as we can. Stop by our table and say hi!

Fanatic is anything you want it to be. Fanatic is a radio show turned web blog turned zine that is trying to be cool n’ feminist and featuring all original work by Keeley Cormac. This zine is compiled of essays, list, and reviews from the blog ( all about great indie, local, riot grrrl, and underground music. Keeley is very excited to have made it and be able to share it with you.


Gin Gimlet is a collection of items handmade in Burlington, VT by Julie Kenniston. Fiber and nature are combined to create prints and wearable art. Materials come secondhand and are repurposed whenever possible in order to have a lesser impact on the environment. Currently offering handprinted patches made with intaglio and woodcut techniques.



Hungry Ghost Press takes the massive amount of projects that are constantly being created in and around the Boston area and to tries to release as many as possible at little cost. To simply make music, literature, and art available to the public in the hopes that a better community will grow and thrive. Being broke since 2011.


HIGH STITCH // Etsy Shop
High Stitch was created in December 2014.  Created by a 22-year-old art-school dropout, Emily Tirella. Focusing on self-love badges and adorable plushies, Emily aims to radiate positivity with a needle and thread.  Working primarily with felt and cotton, she creates a little something for everyone.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.06.45 PM

Tim McCool and Will Clark are the publishers of Infinite Scroll, a Boston-based literary and arts zine. Infinite Scroll asks all sorts of creative types to submit all sorts of content, ranging from poems, short fiction, drawings, photos, and more. Each IS is thematically structured around a certain idea or prompt. Contributors to IS come from Boston and the surrounding area, as well as from all across the US, with an occasional international contributor or two.


Cool art. Some found. Some not. Some both.


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 5.02.15 PM

I’m selling prints of my beautiful travel photographs taken in Alaska, Utah, California, Myanmar, and Cambodia among other places. The photographs are of stunning natural landscapes and historical monuments. This picture shows Antelope Canyon in Arizona. Prints are available in sizes from 4×6 to 20×30.



Michela Carlson delves into illustrations, drawings or paintings with surrealism, abstractionism and expressionism agendas. She finds ways to combine one or more of these styles into one body of work which showcases the chaos that hides under her subconscious; sometimes you can see very obvious images, while the rest is just beautiful color and open space. She also does illustrative work with fantasy, scifi and other types of pop culture/fandom themes like Doctor Who, Dragons being awesome and animals wearing hats.


Monique Aimee is an illustrator and lettering artist based in Boston, MA. Stop by her table for hand-screen-printed T-shirts and prints, skull embroideries, playing cards, and other classy-ass shit!


Morte Apparel is a youthful handcrafted clothing brand out of Boston run solely by eighteen-year-old Roman Pellegrino. Morte offers a variety of carefully crafted goods including T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, bags, and more. Drop by and check it out!



PM Press was founded at the end of 2007 by a small collection of folks with decades of publishing, media, and organizing experience. We seek to create radical and stimulating fiction and nonfiction books, pamphlets, T-shirts, and visual and audio materials to entertain, educate, and inspire you.


For all of your flesh-covering needs.




Ready. Set. TONE! Handmade guitar-effects pedals. Custom builds, repairs, and modifications, too. All pedals are designed, hand-built, and hand-labeled by Scott Toolin, a degreed electronics professional and avid guitarist from Carver, MA. Scott uses his 15-plus years of engineering experience to design effects pedals with top-quality components, durable construction, and great tone! The goal of RST Custom Effects is to help musicians of all levels find their ideal sound at an affordable price.



Liz Bolduc—also known as Sweet Cheek Comix—focuses her comics and zines around mental health and existential crisis and her bad luck with relationships. She runs the contribution-based zine Existential Stew. After graduating college this May, she will be focusing on her next personal comic project as well as working on expanding Book Press Zines, a zine distro.



True Believers Fan Club is your friendly neighborhood button shop, specializing in weirdo bootleg and one-of-a-kind recycled pins. For True Believers Only!



Other vendors include…

GIGO // Ichabod’s Big Shop of Horrors // Lesser Knowns //BUFU Records  // Serfs Up // Roxy Audio // AnotherFRcreation // Vicious Press // Teresa’s Crafters Boutique // The Traphaus // Smith’s From Scratch // Lindsay Blevins // Happy Lady // CK Metalsmith // Briar Patch Co // Catalina Rufin // Basement Babes // Choice // Insomnianauts // LB Lee // Pizza Pie Press // Scheller & Sons // Mass Love Distro // Everything I Make is Stupid // Tiffany Mallery // Zoe’s Wishing Well // Artificial Distro // Antonio & Ryan // Ramon Hernandez // WOW MOM Vintage // Moth & Worm // Mr. Owl Vintage // Parsimoniia Clothing // Iris Nectar Studio // Diksha-T // Boston Derby Dames // DaSilva Studios // Soy Much Brighter Candle Co. // Ignore Rock*n*Roll Heroes // Gentlepersons Gently // Stone Age Jazz // Jeremy Lowther Illustration // PG13 // Maggie Dagger // Bi Ass Heat Records & Games // Birch Tiger Jewelry // The Spacefunk Shop  // Mala // The Vibrary


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