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The Sediment Club Filters Out and Distills Their Surroundings


Mixing rhythm and noise, the New England/New York based Sediment Club has evolved into their own niche of no wave. Violent at times, the Sediment Clubs paints a picture of how the world’s forces affect you in the most raw, emotional, and sometimes abrasive ways. Before their Hassle show this Thursday, they answered some questions about DIY communities, influences, and some of their favorite bands.

Boston Hassle: What were your motivations for beginning the Sediment Club?

Sediment Club: Frustration, alienation, desperation. New York city’s grave. Apathetic high rising cockroaches, infesting culture with boutique corporatism. Cheap and therapy. Inviting group sessions.

BH: Where did the band originate? Are you currently based out of New York or New England?

SC: Band originated in New York City, in 2008. We now are spread out across the northeast. After 3 years in Providence, Austin moved back to the city this past June. Jackie is up in western Massachusetts, Hadley for days. And Lazar is up in Hudson, NY trying to live out a bucolic life.

BH: Where would you say that the inspiration for most of your music comes from?

SC: Pretty similar to motivation for starting the band — in short a desire to filter out and distill our surroundings both large and small. Whether it’s our interaction with the craft beer guzzling patrons of Bedford avenue or the shadowy suits staring down from their silver perch of high rise condo #243, we are constantly bombarded by different forces. Society affects us at all levels, enough to disturb us to write our music. And if it seems to be particularly dark or morose it’s because we try to be real about the times we are living in. If it seems violent, it’s because the world we are living in is violent! Almost every day we hear of another police injustice paired with low income neighborhoods being repurposed for the wealthy to play in. We also deal with personal struggles — jobs, interpersonal relationships, paying rent — that also inform our music. Fleas hopping around and skeletons running about.

BH: What are some of the themes and feelings that Sediment Club tries to explore?

SC: I don’t know, I feel like we covered that in the last question. But basically — emancipation, quests of reconciliation, disgust, fear, H.P. Turtlecraft nightmares, paralysis. The 2 wicked sides of ourselves. Riding in the side car.

BH: What bands that you are friends with or fans of have a style that you really admire?

SC: Palberta, Buck Gooter, Power Masters, Mutwawa, Gila Monster, Bromp Treb, Neutral Fixation, Big Neck Police, guerrilla toss, Dreamcrusher, Star Daddy Dixie, Urochromes, Sunk Heaven, Anwar Sadat, Trofessor, LGHQ, Drums like Machine Guns, (New England) Patriots, Cellular Chaos, G.L.O.S.S., Neo Libz, Palm, Dromez, Noise Nomads, Some Pepper, Forced into Femininity, Toupee, Cube, Black Pus, so many more….

BH: Are there any major differences between the way NYC DIY music communities operate compared to the ones in New England?

SC: New York City is a compact metropolis that has so much action, so many people, and such high energy that every scene has, practically, its own infrastructure. From venues to record labels, the punks live on one block, the noise heads on another and the indie rockers on yet another. Pretty much all genres live in their own isolated microcosm with rare bleed out. Rare cross pollination of ideas or sound.

In New England and, in general, elsewhere there seems to be much more unified scenes. Since there is not the same availability of people and places, the grind core bands have to play with the twee indie pop rockers. This seems to be a good thing. Diversity and eclecticism are things that are important for a biological ecosystem so why not a musical/artistic one? Why must one be delegated to follow certain party lines because of the music they happen to making in that moment? Most people’s tastes change over time and most people appreciate all types of music, so having a diverse musical landscape seems very healthy.

Catch the Sediment Club Thursday September 24th at Out Of the Blue Gallery with (New England) Patriots, La Noia, & Men and Volts!

8pm // All Ages // $5-50 Sliding Scale // FB

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