The Prefab Messiahs — “Bobb’s Psychedelic Car”


One of the most positive effects the Internet has had on how music is consumed is the way it’s allowed connoisseurs of a particular style or genre to rediscover relatively obscure projects, overlooked in their own time, and pluck them from the dustbin of history to be enjoyed by a larger, more enthusiastic audience than ever before. Thirty years after their initial run, it seems the world at large has finally caught up to the Prefab Messiahs.

Following up on their triumphant anniversary tour, the group recently headed into the studio with local audio wizards Doug Tuttle and Jesse Gallagher to crank out their first recordings since the early ’80s for the much-beloved Burger Records imprint.

The band got their start in Worcester around the same time as fellow rediscovered psych-rock oddity Bobb Trimble, he of the titular car referenced in this upbeat slice of left-field art pop. The colorful video, by Plastic Mynd, fits the Messiahs’ dazed and sunny vibe just as perfectly as their previous collaboration for “Weirdoz Everywhere”. If you’re looking for something far-out but far from ponderous, this is the sound for you. Dig it.

“Bobb’s Psychedelic Car” appears on the Prefab Messiahs’ new EP Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive, which is now available on 10″ vinyl from Burger Records.

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