Spiritual Recess — Split w/ Rick Weaver


I don’t actually know too much about this release, but I’ve waited too long (for my own liking) to get into SPIRITUAL RECESS‘ last full album (cassette), HERE IT IS, so now I’m onto this, a seemingly scantily distributed, and generally not very available tape split between SPIRITUAL RECESS and RICK WEAVER. This is the object of my affection in the here and now, and they are going fast (see first vid below). Really though, I just needed/wanted a reason to mention SPIRITUAL RECESS, a singular performer in the noise universe; capable of conjuring sky-high ecstasy and bottomless nadir of nothing but void, all at the flick of his warped wrist. “Can’t Stop Shaking” is all that the internet will offer for streaming evidence of SPIRITUAL RECESS’ side of the split. The thing is fairly low key, electric tools commingling with squashed tape sputter, droning feedback du guitar, and an industrial clatter that ought to make you blush if you are not already blushing. Punishingly free. SR is one of the best athletes currently playing for the noise tennis team here in New England. Grab your racket, and insert your ear protection.

And here’s a vid of RICK WEAVER talking about this split, and breaking it on down (maybe you can help save a tape?)…

And here’s a video RICK WEAVER made of one of his tracks from this very same split…

KO’s Obit from Rick Weaver on Vimeo.

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