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Let’s just get the elephant out of the way and move it to the next room: times right now are rough. Unexpected, worrisome, stressful—every single emotion and belief imaginable. Just as much as we are desperate to keep afloat economically and live day-to-day, we also beg for distraction and diversion to make the time more manageable — just a smidge of fun and elation, really. Whether it be a movie, a show, a book, a phone call, or an album—we just want to forget about everything for a bit and remember what life was like a mere month ago.

Cue SPACE CAMP. Not only have they released an album during these chaotic times, but it’s practically the definition of “brief period of fun and elation” that should be prescribed every morning with a glass of water.

The beginning of the album is easily the opening credits of a horror film that nobody is prepared for. “SPACE CAMP iHEARTRADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL MELTDOWN“ drips with a terrifying robo-trip feel that straps you in for what could only be described as one of the most chaotic, intense roller-coaster rides of an album.

Songs like “Acid”, “The Rift” and “Girders” sound like pieces that could have easily been replaced for the Atticus Ross/Trent Reznor film scores seeping into more media today—an uneasy, paranoid feel that also makes you want to start to move your feet. Yes, I couldn’t help but slowly dance around by myself around the house as the songs blasted into my headphones and I put laundry away. Say what you will.

“She Tells Me Yes Yes Yes” is a banger of the year. Albeit most of the vocals on the album are quite discernible, I still can’t help but feel that everything being screamed, sang, harmonized, etc. is exactly what I need to hear and want to hear. Primal scream therapy in audio form. Glorious.

Sam Usifer and June Violet Aino are an untouchable, magnetic duo, that utilize so many different genres, emotions, and movements, you almost feel like you’ve aged a year and then some after this 30 minute album. A true life-changing journey.

Do yourself a favor and listen to this album now.

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