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Patrick Chaney (besides being heavily, and long involved in putting on some of the best shows in the Boston area; and besides wreaking audio/ visual havoc as one half of the mind melting entity known as L.S.D.V.) will also bend your mind with his experimentally damaged ways of approaching various strains of electronic dance music and noise. This last bit of maximum artistic effort he conducts as SOLID STATE ENTITY. He as of late put out a split tape with the unstoppable TRUCK STANLEY’S NIGHT DREAMS, but I haven’t been able to grasp that with these ears yet. So in need of some serious SOLID STATE ENTITY (while we’re at it, killer handle) I turned to the man’s soundcloud emporium to see what new had turned up. And there were quite a few audio trips in there, but I went with one of the most recent, “Fixation”, a mere twenty days old (just slightly older than my brand new son!?!). It’s a living breathing melted techno thing passing clear on through the ether about five minutes in, as the beat almost disappears and then comes crackling back to life. The early half of the track mostly lays low, exploding in static and high, gross pinched tones only as it gives way to its noisiest section before the warp at its center. The back half of the track drips with syncopation that slides off the beat as quickly as it finds it. Really gritty, and impossible to predict electronic dance music deconstruction seeping directly out of Lower Allston. This stuff must be all over the Mass Pike, and getting carried well beyond by thousands upon thousands upon thousands of tires attached to vehicles headed who knows where. Chaney dabbles in a lot of different styles though. Check out that soundcloud.

SOLID STATE ENTITY plays a BOSTON HASSLE show tomorrow night @ Lilypad in Inman Sq. w/ SONTAG SHOGUN (nyc), BROMP TREB (w. mass), and HOMEWORLD (Boston). 10pm. All Ages. FARCEBLEAK EVENT

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