SOFT EYES – “Follow The Night Moon”


An upbeat, whirling psych dream, “Follow The Night Moon” is the first song unveiled from Soft Eyes, the intricate psychedelic solo project of Lukas Goudreault, formerly of now-defunct Mmoss and The Migs. Clearly well-versed in the world of psychedelia, Goudreault comfortably draws from the classic elements of the drippy psychedelic rock of the sixties and seventies to create the dreamy landscape of the music, giving it a time-transcending feel. Throughout there is the steady pulse of catchy and clean guitar, creating a consistent rhythm over which the variety of other odd instrumental ingredients are laid. Interspersed in the track is an erratic bouncing bass-line, distorted interjections of guitar, and a whole medley of keyboard sounds. Added to the mix are the soothing and soft vocals, which seem to call, fuzzy and distant, through the hazy sea of the instruments. The ambient vocals are what fully amplify the mystical, atmospheric vibes that psychedelic rock seems to have at its most successful. Piecing together all these weird and wild components, the song comes together into a layered but cohesive whole, creating peaceful and colorful music anyone could zone out to.

The song is just one of many on Soft Eyes’ full length release “Lazy Life“, available on cassette from Under the Gun Records.

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