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Shane Butler: Carmen


This week’s comic comes from Shane Butler, an artist and musician and ex Bostonian who you may know from such super soothing groups as Quilt, and Olden Yolk. Shane has been developing a unique method of portraiture that looks all at once like hieroglyphs, a dossier, a sheet of temporary tattoos, and a hoarder’s basement. While there is no explicit chronology to these drawings, when I look at them I feel invited to invent my own, to convert the symbols into the panels of a comic (why I’ve featured them here as the weekly comic). Check out more of Shane’s work HERE, and the following is an excerpt from an email he sent me about the drawings, his future plans and how YOU can get involved:

My practice at the moment is very transient and I am discovering ways to make work continually on the road while touring. Because of this the pieces I’m making at the moment are taking on a quality I’m not sure I’d be able to match while staying sedentary. They represent a strange dance I’ve been juggling recently; being a stationary human situated in all sorts of moving objects most of the time. The works have a load of movement to them yet are images of recent memories and harbored feelings. Like using a delay pedal to echo natural tones over and over again through new filters these images mimic nature in all it’s inconsistent consistency. They are an exploration into varied repetition; a place where things are simultaneously the same and extremely different in each return.

I am currently working on a portrait project that I would love more people to get involved with if they are interested. I am having people email me 20 words that either arise spontaneously or that they feel like define their particular moment — these can be things you love, wear, dislike, trip over, drink, listen to, feel on your fingertips, etc… Anything really.

So, if anyone wants to be part of the project they can email me at [email protected] and I will get back to them shortly with how to proceed.


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