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Seamaisíona Reamonn – Tending To The Mirage

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Tending to the Mirage by Seamaisíona Reamonn

Album cover of Tending Mirage

Why do I always write about spiders?
Well, it’s simple. Spiders are the b-
est. I love spiders. I had this room
I painted real special like. It was
weird. I’d stand up in there and rea-
d. Painted real special. Small space.
A lot of weirdness went down in ther-
e. Anyway, one night I took a break
from reading, and looked up. The ent-
ire ceiling was covered with spiders.

These weren’t your garden variety sp-
iders, dear reader. These were incre-
dibly small spiders. They resembled
dust. Or bits of ash or something. “T-
hat’s weird”. Then one slid down abou-
t 5 inches from my eyeball and went i-
nto my hair. I realized, at that mome-
nt, that there were about 30 spiders
in my hair. But I didn’t freak out. I
think I walked around with those spi-
ders in my hair for a week.

I don’t like the idea of spiders in m-
y ears. It just bothers me. It’s one
of the few things that really gets t-
o me, and that was the reason I had
to take the spiders out of my hair. I
left the ones on the ceiling alone, o-
bviously. They’d all come down like c-
ommandos or something 10 at a time an-
d hang around the space. I’d ask how
they are doing. Like lady bugs. Don’t
act like you don’t know what I’m talk-
ing about. You always say hello to a
lady bug. It’s good for you.

I always need a spider in the room. T-
he gnarlier the better. Some fuck wit-
h me just by being there, though. Som-
e are just too intense. Mean looking.
Spider energy is a real thing. That s-
pider that has been a few feet above
my bed, in the same spot for a week,
is cool. It just stares at me, inche-
s towards me, and then goes back to i-
ts spot. It’s made quite the web. It
has those weird eyes that really poke
out. Vaguely translucent, and freaky
looking. Violent legs. But reasonabl-

[Just thought I should write about spi-
ders. Don’t kill spiders.]

You can (and should!) experience the dream-states of Tending to the Mirage on Bandcamp.

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